And for the Mother…

And here’s a separate list for the mothers. Sorry, dudes. This (again) is not a post for you. Because there’s a good bit of things you’ll need post-baby, too. But first, some advice: Don’t expect to “pop back” like those stupid facebook Moms make it look like. (Also, this is the only time I’ve ever really disliked Princess Kate… for making it seem like a walk in the park to DELIVER A TINY HUMAN.) It takes time. Your body must heal, you need to adjust, and it took 9 months for your body to grow a human. Give yourself a little grace to lose the baby weight and start feeling good again. And just a baseline, I’m at 11 weeks now and with walking almost every day (no serious exercise), I can fit into my pre-pregnancy “comfortable pants”. The skinny jeans are still out of reach.

You’re going to want these things before the baby comes, because basically… you’re going to need them immediately one day, and don’t want to run out to the store to get them. Because “running out” to the store= high stress and freak out and OMGICAN’THANDLEIT.

Nursing Tanks– You’re going to want at least 4 of these (they get messy sometimes). Don’t bother buying a Nursing Bra beforehand… because it’s basically not going to fit. You’re going to grow and change in ways that you didn’t think humanly possible, and for the first 4-6 weeks, these nursing tanks allow for that.

Nursing Pads– Again, things get messy sometimes.

**Side note- I had some STUPID HARD feeding issues from weeks 6-8. Two rounds of Mastitis, and one plugged duct. And it was because of a couple things: overdoing it, wearing the wrong bra, and a tongue tie.

On Overdoing it: I figured… I’m a mom! I can do this! Back to my old self! So I strapped Brooks in to my Ergo and did yardwork for 4 hours. STUPID. Mastitis is one way your body will tell you to CHILL OUT.

Wearing the wrong bra: After I was cleared by the doc at 6 weeks, I was ready to go! T25 (A shorter version of Insanity.)! Lose that Baby Weight! So I drug out the old bras, put a second one on just for extra support and NOPE. They were WAY too small, not supportive, and just a bad idea. Plugged Duct there, which is ATROCIOUS.

Tongue Tie: Brooks was born with a *slight* tongue tie, which they told us about in the hospital. I wasn’t worried about it, and didn’t think any more of it. And the more that buddy grew, the more aggressive he got with his eating. AKA, the more my bits got torn to shreds. Instead of sucking like most babies do, he was overcompensating and essentially chewing. I went to see a lactation specialist at my pediatrician’s office, and she immediately diagnosed it. They clipped his tongue that day, and he immediately started eating differently, thus emptying the milk-holder each time.

Okay, back to it. At week 6, I went to a lactation store, got appropriately sized, and purchased a few actual nursing bras. (And I got rid of the two that I bought beforehand.) Here’s the link to the store in nearby Chesapeake.

Once you get sized, buy yourself some new dang undergarments. I bought this as an Everyday Bra, and La Isla was recommended to me for workout gear… and they work just fine, thankyouverymuch. (This will be the only time I ever post on my undergarments. IT’S ALL FOR THE PEOPLE.)

So in the time that my bits were torn to shreds, I used this balm EVERY TIME. It’s got some natural soothing junk in it, and you don’t have to wash it off before you feed the little one.

There are things called “Soothies Gel Pads” which are little saucer things that give some extra relief… I personally wasn’t a fan, and you have to rinse off before you feed. Some people swear by them and love them.

At the other end of the spectrum (ahem), I used this Balm RELIGIOUSLY for a few weeks. I don’t think I need to go into more detail.

PANTS. Basically, you’re a completely different person than you were pre-baby. But your body is still trying to get back to it’s used-to-be shape. But you’re still wearing maternity pants. By the third or fourth week of that nonsense, it’s time to start feeling like a human again. I ordered a pair of these these pants, which are stretchy, but still feel like real jeans. And they’ll shrink to fit your body as you shrink. I’d totally buy another pair, too. But, for the love, don’t tuck your shirt in like the model does.

Also, you’re going to want to get a few shirts that are flowy and give you some extra room in the midsection.

I bought two books that helped immensely…

The Girlfriends’ Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood. This helped me realize that pretty much everything that was happening was completely normal. And it talks you through a few things in a way that’s not condescending.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. Around week 7-8, my brain was completely fried. I was getting about 6-7 hours of [interrupted] sleep, sleeping on the couch, sleeping in a chair in his nursery… just bad. This basically helped us realize we were attempting to make Tiny Human into the baby we wanted (I’m a cool parent! I can take my infant anywhere! He adapts to anything!), rather than the baby he is (one that needs to nap in a peaceful place, for an uninterrupted amount of time). I started writing down his daily activities and noticed his patterns… and adjusted my schedule to fit that. Now, he’s getting the hang of sleeping for longer periods at night (not completely there yet), and Mom is getting some relief. I could talk way more about this book, but basically… it’s awesome. A gentler way of teaching your baby to put himself to sleep.

Again, feel free to add to the list if you have suggestions! I’ll add more items as I think of them-


Ten weeks of Baby-Ness.

I have a lot of friends that are pregnant and/ or have just given birth. Like, a lot. One of my girlfriends asked me specifically to create a list of Baby things I need/ use on the reg. Sorry to all those folks who were looking for a new method of staining your deck. Today is not your day. 🙂 Also, these are Amazon affiliate links. Also, I’ll most likely be updating this list as I remember other things. And feel free to add to the list!

Baby Holders

Baby Swing– we use this daily. Some babies love them, some hate them. Brooks naps in his every day, and is therefore, my saving grace. And in the first few weeks of almost no sleep (for me), he spent one night sleeping in it. And that saved my sanity… in my opinion, whatever you can do or use to get tiny human to sleep, USE THAT. At least for the first few weeks.

Baby Cradle– we used this SOLID for the first four weeks of his life. He slept in it next to our bed for the first two weeks, and then would nap in it after that. (He doesn’t so much like it now, but it was totally worth it for those first few weeks.)

Crib/ Sleeping

Crib Sheet – get at least 3… spit up happens.

Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad – probably should have at least two of these, for the same reason as above. (This goes under the sheet, to protect the mattress.)

HALO SleepSack – We tried a few different versions of swaddles, and this one is the only kind that could keep our little houdini’s arms locked down tight. This is the kind our hospital used, too.

aden + anais Swaddle Blankets– These basically go in the category of “we use them all the time.” When he was tiny, we actually used these to swaddle him (until he learned he could bust out of them)… now, we use these as a light blanket when he’s in the car seat or around the house.

Baby Monitor – I’ve heard the video monitors tend to break after a short time, and with our small house, we don’t really find the video thing necessary. This one works just fine for us, and can reach out into our yard.

Changing Table

Changing Pad – We got a basic one. I’m not sure why others cost more, actually..?

Changing Pad Cover – Should get at least 3 of these. Nothing fancy.

Changing Pad Liners– These lay on top of the sheet, and are super easy to just toss in the wash after a messy diaper- we got two packs of these (total of 6), and it seems to be the perfect amount.

Something we found to be super helpful- when you first buy diaper wipes, get a hard case and then just refill it. We started off using the soft packs of wipes, but those were hard to get wipes out of… and in the middle of the night, you want to make things as easy as possible for yourself.

Cloth Diapers

BumGenius Cloth Diaper– We made the decision to use cloth diapers, for a couple of reasons. They seem to keep the tiny human bum a little bit fresher, thus reducing the amount of diaper rash; they can end up being less expensive to use (in the long run); less waste, etc etc etc. We have three different varieties of diapers, and by far prefer these. They absorb more than the other diapers, and launder/ dry much faster than the other two diaper brands we have.

Disposable diapers! – We actually use disposables also. For whatever reason, these work best for nighttime and allow the little dude to sleep in longer stretches. I don’t care what the reasoning is behind this… as long as he’s sleeping, that makes his mother very happy.

Diaper Pail – This is for our reusable cloth diapers. When we use disposables, we have a small trashcan lined with grocery bags. This means we take the trash out fairly often, keeping our house from smelling like infant diaper. (And it gets bad. Just FYI.) Also, don’t go cheap on this. You want something that’s going to keep the scent locked in tight.

Diaper Pail Liner, Avocado – This lines the Diaper pail, and gets tossed in the wash right along with the diapers. We have two, but could easily use three.

Wet Bag – We take a wet bag with us when we go on short trips and toss the soiled cloth diaper in these. (Also, we put soiled onesies in it. That happens, too.)

Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment, 3 Ounces– When we do have diaper rash, we used this stuff and it works just great. It smells like Noxema.

Diaper Sprayer – We bought one of these, but haven’t installed it yet. This will be used once tiny human gets bigger and has a different type of poo.

Nursery Fresheners– These smell great (like lavender!) and absorb odors. The only problem is that you have to use all five at once (?!).

Feeding/ Soothing

Boppy Pillow– This props the baby up during feeding time. Also, it’s nice to use when you’re just hanging out with the little person and could use some extra arm support. Grandparents really love this.

Pacifiers– for the first couple of weeks, he used the pacifier from the hospital… then he decided these were much better. Also, we have three of these. Your life is basically over if you can’t find one within arms reach when dude is workin himself up and ready to explode.

Cloth Diaper/ Spit up Rag– I thought my mother was ridiculous for buying three packages of these. NOPE. Mother knows best. These are scattered throughout our house and get used all the time.

Pump – I just got the free one that insurance provides. FYI, it’s not recommended to use until after two weeks, when your body should have adjusted to the amount of milk your baby needs. If you use it before then, your body gets accustomed to over-producing. And that’s not cool.

Bottles– We have two different versions of bottles, and this is our favorite.

Bottle Brush– necessary to clean aforementioned item.

Bottle Drying Rack– we use this on the reg.

Dishwasher Basket– same here.

Travel/ Transport

Britax B-Agile Travel System– My Brother in Law researched stroller/ car seat combos and decided this was the best. And he has a PhD, so he’s smart and therefore this is the best.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier – Little buddy loves snuggle time, so this is just great. I can walk with him and the three dogs using this. Also, I never bought the infant insert- just used a rolled up blanket under him for a few weeks until he got big enough to sit properly in it.

Diaper Bag– This bag is great. We can fit everything we need in it. Annnnd I just realized that carrying a purse is just an added piece of mess, so this is my new purse. Might as well look decent, right?

Back Seat Mirror – This is fun to be able to see tiny human’s face while you drive. Also, it helps you locate the elusive pacifier when he’s freaking out and needs to calm down.


Bath Sponge– Nothing fancy and works great. We used this in the sink for the first couple of weeks, and now use it in the tub.

Bath Kneeler – saves your knees while bathing tiny human. (Not necessary, but fun.)

Hooded Towel – these also might not be absolutely necessary, but are really freaking cute.

Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Wash– smells fantastic.

Burt’s Bees Calming Lotion – again, smells fantastic and helps calm buddy down for bedtime.

Bathtub Grippy Dots– One of these in the pack says “hot” when the water is too warm. But you could also just touch the water to determine whether or not it’s too warm. Not completely necessary right now.

Keeping Buddy Happy

Forehead Thermometer– we’ve used this about a million times. On little buddy, and on the rest of us.

NoseFrida Snotsucker – We used this the other day and it’s AWESOME when tiny human gets congested. Concept is gross, but no snot will ever actually get sucked into your body when you use this. Promise.

Infants Gas Relief Drops – we use these all the time. They help calm tiny human’s belly down and thus, him. You want to have these before you actually need them.


Rattle Socks – He thinks these are awesome.

Baby Mittens – We use these when he swings… his little handsies get chilled. Other people use these so babies don’t scratch their faces when they’re tiny.

Hats – Necessary for winter, silly.

We discovered that Onesies that Zip all the way up are WAY EASIER than the stupid snap-button ones. But they’re a little harder to find…


Activity Mat– I thought this was actually going to be kind of ridiculous, but tiny human loves it. He may be vain, but he especially loves the mirror. BUT CAN YOU BLAME HIM?


On the Homestretch!

Week 28: Remember how I said that I could be pregnant forever and this is great and yadda yadda yadda? Forgive me. I was wrong. I will never say such a thing again. Nope. I had a little run-in with some SERIOUS heartburn/ Acid Reflux this past week, and the best way to describe it is that I had flu-like symptoms. Except it was heartburn. Confused? Yeah, I was too. REGARDLESS. The little nugget is still active, healthy, and kicking away. #grateful2014-11-24 12.00.01

Week 29: This week, I discovered that dropping things on the ground IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN. I can’t reach the floor. Since being [a lot] more careful with what I’ve been eating, the heartburn hasn’t come back. Phew. Decorating for Christmas whilst prego is kinda fun, actually. It makes me feel all domesitcated and junk. Or something.2014-12-01 17.46.23

Week 30: Every afternoon, it seems as if my fingers like to play this fun game called “swell up and hurt.” I hear this is normal, but I should probably decrease my salt intake to help it out. Ooookay, I can do that. Baby Shower week is here! Yay! Also, we had our birthing class. Not as terrifying as I figured it would be, which was nice. But strange because they didn’t really go over breathing techniques and such, which I expected.2014-12-13 08.14.27

Week 31: We had the Baby Shower last week, and it was awesome. I teared up only once, so that’s a win. We also had our hospital tour this week, and it. was. incredible. I can’t wait to describe that place in more detail. Up until this point, I had been wearing some non-maternity [stretchy] dresses, but it seems as if those days are coming to an end… the dresses are becoming more like tunics… yeeeiiiikes. And! I started my prenatal yoga classes (in a studio!) this week, and it’s been awesome. Suuuuper helpful.2014-12-18 21.40.48

Week 32: More of the same. Growing, stretching, etc. Although now, my fingers are still swelling, so I finally bit the bullet and took off two of my wedding rings (I usually wear three). And it’s much more comfortable. Also, tiny human has discovered poking and stretching into places (such as rib cages) that is less than comfortable. I also had my first bout of “sickness” whilst preggo, which was just allergies for a couple of days. Nothing too terrible, but an experience nonetheless.2014-12-26 15.45.34

Week 33: A New Year, a New Baby! It’s just starting to hit both J and I that we will, in fact, be toting around a tiny human child in approximately 7 weeks. And it’s permanent. He’ll be here. Forever. The weight of caring for, raising, and loving a tiny human entrusted to us is incredible. We are grateful. We are hopeful. We are overwhelmed by it all. Also, the [occasional] sleepless nights have started. I woke up at 330 the other morning, with no hope of going back to sleep. So I thought about tiny human and prayed for him for a couple hours until my alarm went off.2014-12-30 20.45.14Also, this is funny: Week 30 vs week 32 photo–

2014-12-30 21.15.03Week 34: Tiny Human and I have had a pretty good week thus far. No major bouts of heartburn, although I think I have figured out how to manage it, which is awesome. It includes a couple of tums, a peppermint or two (ie- clearance candy canes), and learning how to [properly] stand up straight, thanks to yoga. Also, I finally got to indulge in my French Toast craving. And it was delicious. We’ve started packing our hospital bag, and the stroller is loaded in the trunk. Getting closer!     2015-01-09 17.02.13Week 35: Things are about to get real. Also, exhaustion. Similar to the first-trimester in wanting to sleep, minus the nausea (yeaaaaahhhH!), but add in not being able to touch my toes. (I went to sleep the other night at 7. BECAUSE I’M CRAZY!) J and I have started really been cutting back on extracurricular activities and just hanging out and having family time… it’ll never go back to just the two of us, which is bittersweet. Gosh, I love that man.

2015-01-14 17.29.31

Week 36: Tiny Human is sitting way lower these days, which is great for the whole breathing thing. Not as great for the whole “walking straight” thing. But whatever… because that means HE’S COMING SOON!! According to the Doc, things are progressing quite nicely. Hooray for tiny human!

2015-01-20 17.32.09Week 37: 37th week! That means technically, Tiny Human is full term. The next post will [hopefully] be beautiful pictures of a tiny human. Again, everything seems to be progressing nicely. He’s right where he needs to be (head down), measuring on schedule, and kicking/ wiggling as much as he has room for. Also, I’m straight up waddling. He’s sitting so low in belly that walking proves to be much more of a challenge than what it used to be. I’m still feeling good, although I would welcome daily naps (if my job allowed). As such, going to bed at 8 suffices. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words of support and encouragement! He’ll be here soon!!

Brooks Sleeping_HouseofGold

The little #GoldNugget’s room

I can’t wait to bring the little buddy home and show him his room. In reality, I foresee the following: J will scoop tiny human out of his car seat and take him for a grand tour of his brand new house while I quietly sob in the corner, hoping to never forget how sweet of a moment it is.

J will slowly walk tiny human around and show him all the fun things in his room…

Where he will rest his little head:Crib Complete_HouseofGoldThe mobile he will look at when he can focus his little eyes:Ship Mobile_HouseofGoldThe dresser that holds his tiny human clothes:Closet Corner_HouseofGold

The curtains that block out light and let him sleep:Nugget Curtain Close_HouseofGoldThe chair him and his Mom (that’s me!!) will sit for hours in while he feeds:Nursing Corner_HouseofGold

And the room that he will grow up in:Nugget Room Overall_HouseofGoldSo much love for this little one already.