Our Wedding

Unlike some girls, I had no idea what my wedding would one day look like. Literally, no idea. I have always felt like I wanted for it to be outside, but without any real ties to a particular area (state/ city) or place, I never had a site in mind. Until one fateful evening. J and I took two of our really good friends to an outdoor concert at The Hermitage. We packed up our picnic basket full of treats (dinner), and headed to see the Town Mountain Band. Which, by the way, was really good.

The second we walked on the grounds, I knew. We knew. I’d figure out how to make it work with my budget. Regardless. Our wedding (and reception) had to be there. And the ideas started forming. The magnolia tree practically begged me to put low-hanging twinkly lights on it. And basically, everything about the site wanted to have an ethereal, magical feel.

Site PhotosSo I went with it. The ideas/ mood board, which we edited down to just three images:

I enlisted a dear friend of mine to start throwing out ideas. Any idea was accepted. And pinned. After a few weeks of brain-dumps, a clear direction emerged. Mostly because the both of us get distracted by shiny things. See below:

J and I are also drawn to slightly whimsical things. And I want this wedding to be about US. This wasn’t just my wedding. It was our wedding. So he had say in quite a few things. Like what his groomsmen and him would wear. (Shopping with J for his wedding suit was hilarious, btw…. “BABE. I LOOK AMAZING IN THIS SUIT.”)Wedded_BlissAnyway.

We kept the color palette fairly simple as well: Gold Glitter. Seriously. I pre-apologized to the bridesmaids for them never being able to wear their dresses again. They didn’t seem to mind, because GLITTER. They wore gold, glittery dresses. And there were tiny accents of Navy Blue throughout. Including J’s tie. 🙂  Wedding ClotheslColors_DecorationsI went with simple Baby’s breath bouquets for the Bridesmaids and for a few of the tables. This looked AMAZING, in my opinion. It may or may not have attracted biting bugs, though. (Sorry, ladies.)Decorations_SetUp

Food: Traditions Catering. (A local guy that also just happens to go to our Church and makes the most AMAZING Mexican Egg Rolls ever in the history of ever)Food_TraditionsLighting: Blue Steel Lighting. (Pricey, but soooo worth it.. they set up/ tore down and never once indicated an issue.)Party_lights

Naturally, I made most of the decorations we used. I didn’t want a ton of clutter on the site. It was beautiful enough that excess junk would feel like just that– junk. I used the same “Font” for the invitations, the programs, and a few signs around the site. (I adapted a font I found and hand-drew each letter.)wedding_CraftsDecorationsWe found a local Deli (?!) that also did some baking on the side and made some delicious cupcakes for us. J really enjoyed that tasting. And a really sweet, talented friend of ours made our cake. She went above and beyond, making us sample cakes, and going completely out of her way to surprise us with gold glitter sprinkled on top. She was amazing. And I may or may not still get choked up thinking about that.

Cake_TableCake_ToppersWe rode away on our beach cruisers, that were all decorated up by our bridesmaids and friends. Don’t worry. We didn’t have to ride them to the hotel. Just to the car. Phew.

Getaway_BikeslIt was such a great, great night of celebrating with our friends and family. To read more of our story, click on over here.


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