Back and Forth and Up and Down

Around the time the GoldNugget was born, I started struggling with the blog. Mostly, my feelings toward the blog. It started to feel a bit… self indulgent… a bit too “look at what I did, everyone!” And then all the self-promotion that went along with it just started to feel a little… smarmy. So I stepped back. But also, I had a kid. A very busy, very active kid. He started sleeping around 9 months (HOLY COW HOW DID I MAKE IT THAT LONG), which is around the time he started cruising. And then walking around 10 months… CHILD, PLEASE. He’s so much fun (when he doesn’t yell at me), and I’m so, so thankful I get to have a front-row seat in this kid’s life. His smile. The dimples. The happiness. GAH.

2016-04-28 12.38.40

I still am unsure if I will step back in to blogging or not. It’s kind of nice to not document each and every step of every single project… and it saves our camera from getting grout, caulk, paint, and other such items all over it. So in my uncertainty toward the blog, I’m going to show you our most recent project. Which, surprisingly, we paid someone to do 90% of the work. Okay, 85%. Okay, 92%.2016-04-28 09.03.06Why did we pay someone? My time is limited. I get about 1-2 hours a day to not run around and read 16 books in a row. And also? It’s really, really nice to have someone else do the work and only dabble in a couple things. And also? I probably wouldn’t have done as good of a job on the tile. Or the trim. Or the plumbing. Or you know, any of the actual construction stuff. And our contractor said this is the very last job he’s ever going to tile. I think he wasn’t a fan of the marble.

My role in this? I painted the newly plastered walls (primed, first!), grouted everything (WORST THING EVER), and did the final touch-ups and such. Guys, I’m not kidding. When you grout, do it in the tiniest tiniest areas (like a 12″x12″ square) and then wipe it up. Otherwise, it’ll dry onto the tile itself, and then you’ll be on your hands and knees with a razor blade, scraping it off each and every mosaic tile by hand. *Speaking from experience*2016-04-28 09.02.40Honestly, we did a good bit of price-checking (Home Depot, Amazon, Overstock, etc.), and found that Amazon is still a better place to order most of our finish items. Amazon is taking over the world. Mark my words. (These are affiliate links to Amazon.) We ordered the Showerhead (and Valve! Don’t forget the valve!), and drooled over it for about 3 weeks before it was installed. Also, just in case you are wondering, it’s a Moen Wynford. Basically a rainfall showerhead, but not massive and crazy and weird in the space.2016-04-28 09.05.18The Light Fixture is from Progress (Archie two-light in Oil Rubbed Bronze). In our design phase, we decided to go ahead and also have a recessed LED light installed above the shower, and put both of the lights on a single dimmer. It’s awesome to be able to dim your bathroom lighting. HIGHLY suggest that. (Thanks for the suggestions, internet-friends.)2016-04-28 09.01.58Since marble is a natural stone, it had to be sealed… twice (even before the grout!), and once after! The Sealer and the grout Caulk (this is amazing for touch-ups, as well as any place vertical surfaces meet horizontals) came from Amazon also.2016-04-28 09.05.29The floor tile is from Home Depot (greecian marble hexagon mosaic), as is the grout (platinum Unsanded), the medicine cabinet (I’d only kind of recommend this. It looks great, and is a great price, and they have excellent customer service… it’s just not the highest quality piece), and the wall paint (Evaporation, by Behr).

Above the toilet, we reused our old ikea shelves (Dad had to hang these… Mom brain wasn’t working at all that day. LITERALLY, could not hang anything to save my life. Tried to hang the Towel Hooks, — used a measuring tape and everything! and mounted one 1″ higher than the other.).

2016-04-28 09.06.14We are so, so excited to be showering in a non-cave. And it’s a wonderful, relaxing way to start your day. I mean, as long as you’re not trying to squeeze a 7 minute shower in before child wakes up and wants to play.


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