On the Homestretch!

Week 28: Remember how I said that I could be pregnant forever and this is great and yadda yadda yadda? Forgive me. I was wrong. I will never say such a thing again. Nope. I had a little run-in with some SERIOUS heartburn/ Acid Reflux this past week, and the best way to describe it is that I had flu-like symptoms. Except it was heartburn. Confused? Yeah, I was too. REGARDLESS. The little nugget is still active, healthy, and kicking away. #grateful2014-11-24 12.00.01

Week 29: This week, I discovered that dropping things on the ground IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN. I can’t reach the floor. Since being [a lot] more careful with what I’ve been eating, the heartburn hasn’t come back. Phew. Decorating for Christmas whilst prego is kinda fun, actually. It makes me feel all domesitcated and junk. Or something.2014-12-01 17.46.23

Week 30: Every afternoon, it seems as if my fingers like to play this fun game called “swell up and hurt.” I hear this is normal, but I should probably decrease my salt intake to help it out. Ooookay, I can do that. Baby Shower week is here! Yay! Also, we had our birthing class. Not as terrifying as I figured it would be, which was nice. But strange because they didn’t really go over breathing techniques and such, which I expected.2014-12-13 08.14.27

Week 31: We had the Baby Shower last week, and it was awesome. I teared up only once, so that’s a win. We also had our hospital tour this week, and it. was. incredible. I can’t wait to describe that place in more detail. Up until this point, I had been wearing some non-maternity [stretchy] dresses, but it seems as if those days are coming to an end… the dresses are becoming more like tunics… yeeeiiiikes. And! I started my prenatal yoga classes (in a studio!) this week, and it’s been awesome. Suuuuper helpful.2014-12-18 21.40.48

Week 32: More of the same. Growing, stretching, etc. Although now, my fingers are still swelling, so I finally bit the bullet and took off two of my wedding rings (I usually wear three). And it’s much more comfortable. Also, tiny human has discovered poking and stretching into places (such as rib cages) that is less than comfortable. I also had my first bout of “sickness” whilst preggo, which was just allergies for a couple of days. Nothing too terrible, but an experience nonetheless.2014-12-26 15.45.34

Week 33: A New Year, a New Baby! It’s just starting to hit both J and I that we will, in fact, be toting around a tiny human child in approximately 7 weeks. And it’s permanent. He’ll be here. Forever. The weight of caring for, raising, and loving a tiny human entrusted to us is incredible. We are grateful. We are hopeful. We are overwhelmed by it all. Also, the [occasional] sleepless nights have started. I woke up at 330 the other morning, with no hope of going back to sleep. So I thought about tiny human and prayed for him for a couple hours until my alarm went off.2014-12-30 20.45.14Also, this is funny: Week 30 vs week 32 photo–

2014-12-30 21.15.03Week 34: Tiny Human and I have had a pretty good week thus far. No major bouts of heartburn, although I think I have figured out how to manage it, which is awesome. It includes a couple of tums, a peppermint or two (ie- clearance candy canes), and learning how to [properly] stand up straight, thanks to yoga. Also, I finally got to indulge in my French Toast craving. And it was delicious. We’ve started packing our hospital bag, and the stroller is loaded in the trunk. Getting closer!     2015-01-09 17.02.13Week 35: Things are about to get real. Also, exhaustion. Similar to the first-trimester in wanting to sleep, minus the nausea (yeaaaaahhhH!), but add in not being able to touch my toes. (I went to sleep the other night at 7. BECAUSE I’M CRAZY!) J and I have started really been cutting back on extracurricular activities and just hanging out and having family time… it’ll never go back to just the two of us, which is bittersweet. Gosh, I love that man.

2015-01-14 17.29.31

Week 36: Tiny Human is sitting way lower these days, which is great for the whole breathing thing. Not as great for the whole “walking straight” thing. But whatever… because that means HE’S COMING SOON!! According to the Doc, things are progressing quite nicely. Hooray for tiny human!

2015-01-20 17.32.09Week 37: 37th week! That means technically, Tiny Human is full term. The next post will [hopefully] be beautiful pictures of a tiny human. Again, everything seems to be progressing nicely. He’s right where he needs to be (head down), measuring on schedule, and kicking/ wiggling as much as he has room for. Also, I’m straight up waddling. He’s sitting so low in belly that walking proves to be much more of a challenge than what it used to be. I’m still feeling good, although I would welcome daily naps (if my job allowed). As such, going to bed at 8 suffices. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words of support and encouragement! He’ll be here soon!!

Brooks Sleeping_HouseofGold


4 thoughts on “On the Homestretch!

  1. I am so excited to meet Carter! What wonderful parents he has to care for and love him! I am praying that all goes well for you and Jonathan during the delivery. Am waiting for this exciting news!

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