And the curtains!

True or false: One of my “irrational freak-out moments” of this pregnancy included the possibility of bringing tiny human home to a room that HAD NO CURTAINS. And when he was laying there in his little crib, he would look around with his unfocused eyes, and be so incredibly disappointed in me that he didn’t have curtains. (If you answered true, you would be spot-on.) Little buddy, don’t you worry. You now have curtains.

So when J mentioned his little design switcharoo from foresty-goodness to fishing lodge, I set off to find fabric that would basically be the piece that ties everything together. And/or the kind that would allow for some funsies later on. And wouldn’t you know, I found it! Except it was RIDICULOUSLY expensive. At least in my brain, which is used to spending no more than $6 a yard on fabric. But Look!

Fishing Lures_CurtainI kept looking, but then kept coming back. I couldn’t get it out of my head. The nugget needed it. He had to have it. And what baby wants, baby gets. Ish. So I devised a plan of how I could work this fabric in without going completely broke. And I decided that I would only use it as an accent strip, rather than the entire panel. So I ordered some and when it arrived, set off to JoAnn’s to see what kind of coordinating fabric I could find. I came up with a brown linen-type blend that seemed to fit the feel of the room perfectly.

I think I ended up getting about 8 or 9 yards of the brown, and about 2 yards of the fishing lure (accent) piece, then divided it amongst 4 panels. I eyeballed how much brown I needed on top of the accent piece, then cut the other panels to the same heights.Nugget Curtain Close_HouseofGold

Sorry, this isn’t much of a tutorial- my sewing is much like my cooking, where it’s all eyeballed and changed [frequently] along the way. Nor are there progress pics… because… well… there aren’t. Irregardless, after three sides were sewn (top and sides), I added grommets to the top panel (remember how I made the living room curtains?).Curtain Rod Closeup_HouseofGold

AND THEN. I stole two of J’s fishing poles. At first, he was sad about this. But then he remembered that he has approximately 9 other poles still left in the garage to use. I grabbed a couple of hooks, hung those poles up (don’t worry- I used anchors to get these guys to stay in place), and then hung the curtains!

Curtain Rod_HouseofGoldTo finish the bottom hem, I left the curtains hanging, measured for a bit of pooling on the ground, and then used some magic iron hem tape (Stitch Witchery, to be exact) to get them to stay the correct length. And ta-daaaa! Done.Nugget Curtains_HouseofGold

OKAY, FINE. I’ll show you completed things next time.


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