Le Baby Dresser.

Remember how I was banned from Craigslist? And then I keep sneaking REALLY AWESOME FINDS into J’s inbox, and he goes and picks them up, and it’s awesome? YEP. Happened again. I happened across this tall, beautiful, in need of some love, dresser. And he liked it also. Sorry, I got excited and didn’t take a true “before” photo. Pshhhhawwww.  Dresser Repair2_HouseofGold

So there were a couple spots that needed some help, and it needed a good cleaning. After all, this is real wood, and is a pretty old piece of furniture. (The plan for me – all along- was to paint this, so I wasn’t too upset/ distracted by the repairs that needed to happen.) I added wood filler to the few spots that needed it, and glued one of the drawers back together- the dovetail had started coming apart and just needed a bit of love. Really simple fixes that really only required drying time.Dresser Repair_HouseofGold

After the wood filler was dry, I sanded those spots down smooth (using a low grit and then a higher grit sand paper), and then wiped the entire thing clean with Krud Kutter. (This is supposed to also help with paint adhesion on the entire piece.)KrudKutter_HouseofGoldThen I tried an experiment. A friend gave me a recipe to try out that basically turns any old regular paint into chalk paint, just by adding a little bit of gypsum. I figured Plaster of Paris was the same thing, so I bought a big bag of that at the Depot and mixed it up.

Originally, my plan was to paint it the same Navy color that I used in the closet. So I started painting, and quickly realized I grabbed the wrong bucket of paint… it was the leftover Kitchen Cabinet paint. Ooooops. Irregardless, the color was still awesome, sooooo no harm no foul. That, and J liked it. Bonus!Dresser Paint_HouseofGoldAfter it got a second coat of paint, the drawer interiors still had that musty-woodsy-old smell, and I wasn’t too excited about putting Tiny Human’s new clothes in something that smelled bad. So I checked on pinterest, and it looked like my best bet was to wipe it down with some vinegar. Entonces, that is what I did. And it worked like magic. No more stank. Nobody likes a stanky dresser.

Last step? I put some fabric in the drawers to line them and then started loading that sucker up with plaid, flannel, and overalls. DUH.

Dresser Complete_HouseofGold




Color is a little off here, but look at those details!

Dresser Closeup_HouseofGold

Hooray! A place for everything, and everything in its



10 thoughts on “Le Baby Dresser.

  1. Learned a lot on this one. Didn’t realize Crud Cutter worked on wood. Last time I used it I think I was power washing vinyl siding with it.

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