Back to the #goldnugget’s Room!

We’ve been sloooooowly and steadily working on the nursery, and I wanted to have a little bit more done before I let you in on it. So, before the little buddy was officially known to be a little buddy (yes, we would have had a woodland creatures themed room for a girl), J figured he wanted to go this direction:Nuggetspiration_HouseofGoldNot-so-secretly, I hated the idea of an [actual] bear rug, but other than that, I was fully on board.

But once we were notified that the offspring in my womb would soon be taking after J’s beard-loving ways, his ideas changed. He wanted more of a “Beach Fishing Cottage” thing (link to the pinterest board with ideas…).

So first thing’s first. I finished painting three of the walls our favorite Windfresh White. We wanted to keep things neutral in there, because I had other plans for color and texture. On the fourth wall, I envisioned some kind of accent wall. I considered a ton of options– cedar shingles, wood planks, a bold color..? But ultimately, this photo had me at hello.     2014-10-03 11.01.59(hello.)

We picked up 3 sheets of underlayment, and ripped it into 8″ strips. Then I primed, painted, painted, and painted before anything else could happen.Boards Cut and Painted_HouseofGoldI also ordered some of our favorite rope (affiliate link) that I used on our master bedroom lamps

So, with materials at the ready, we decided on the layout of these wood strips (basically, I wanted to know exactly where all the seams would be– would they be bricked/ staggered, or would they be random?). Then J got out his nail gun and got crazy. This really did not take very long at all. AT ALL. One row of underlayment, one row of rope. And continue on down the wall until we got to the bottom two rows.Installing Planks_HouseofGoldTo cut the rope and prevent it from fraying, we just wrapped a small section with a piece of duct tape and snipped away.

Cutting Cord_HouseofGoldWhen we got closer to the outlets, I just marked the locations (using my nemesis, the tape measure) and jigsaw-ed out the holes. Luckily, I got it right the first time and didn’t have to redo any of that nonsense.Outlet Cuts_HouseofGoldAfter that, I filled in the nail holes with wood putty, sanded smooth, and touched up the white paint.Fill Nail Holes_HouseofGold (I originally filled in the seams, but then decided that was a bad idea and later scraped them out.)

As for the edges, we purchased rope that was a little thicker (1/2″) than the horizontal ropes, and nailed that in place. (Affiliate link)

Wall Finish Detail_HouseofGoldAnd VIOLA! An accent wall is born. Too bad, though. You don’t get to see the full-finished-wall right now. You’ll get that later. Mwuuuhahahhaha.


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