The door to Narnia?

Remember when Mom and Dad came and essentially fixed all of our doors? Or most of them? They replaced the Deck Door here.

Back Door Complete_HouseofGoldAnd then they added the Doggy Door to our Garage door here. And all was right with the world! Dogs Testing_HouseofGold

Except for a couple things.

  1. The Doggy-Door-Door was NASTY. It had this sticky-like substance on all the mullions of the window, it dripped along to look like the window was crying, and it was left (for many many years) in it’s primed-but-not-painted-state.
  2. The Deck Door was suddenly facing the same fate of being primed forever.

This could not continue. NOT HERE. NOT IN MY HOUSE.

Not in my house So I got in touch with the folks over at Modern Masters (whom I met at Haven), and said… heyooooo! Can I test out your stuff? And they’re all Suuuuure! So I went on the site to check out the front door paint, downloaded the free app, and J and I agreed on a color. HERE’S WHERE WE HIT A  ROADBLOCK. I didn’t research everything I could have and the color came and it wasn’t what I expected. You see, Modern Masters also has a ginormous pinterest board with real-life pictures of their colors on real-life doors. I should have started there. But, in case you like it, here’s what one coat of Successful looks like. Successful_HouseofGoldRegardless, we got back in touch and got the [most absolute prettiest ever color ever] situation rectified and got Peaceful.Back Door PaintedThis is a suuuuper easy paint to use. It takes about an hour between coats, with the final coat needing 2-3 hours to dry. That’s a lot less time than most other paints that would require you to do one coat per day. No thanks. They’ve even broken it all down into baby steps here.

But seriously. The door isn’t quite done yet. SO MANY WIRES. I plan to get those bad boys under control, get some flowers in the beds, and re-take that picture in approximately 4 months. Or however long it takes to get that situation under control. BUT IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! Back Door Before After_HouseofGoldRIGHT??! Oh. You might also notice that because I’m a crazy person that is growing a tiny human and <sometimes> have irrational thoughts, the doorknob HAD TO BE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY. So my lovely, loving, wonderful husband did that for me. But for real… it looks way better than shiny brass, right?

And the jars they send have SO MUCH PAINT. You could paint a second door! So we did. Also, you can kinda see in the below picture that Mom and Dad painted/ caulked/ repaired the fascia/ trim around the ENTIRE HOUSE because they’re nice people. It looks so much better, no?

Deck Door Painted_HouseofGoldMaybe you should try this project as soon as it warms up, yes? FRONT DOORS FOR ALL!! Hip, Hip, Hooray! #grateful for Modern Masters for sending me a jar of their Peaceful (and Successful) paint colors and being kind to the lady that perhaps chooses the wrong color the first time!



4 thoughts on “The door to Narnia?

  1. Thanks for the post! I’d never heard of this company… and the doors at the new house SERIOUSLY needs a good paint job! 🙂 I’ll check it out!

  2. Looks very good. Like a professional job. And yes I like the door knob on the garage door (with the doggie door) that is not brass but matches the rest of the paint. Great upgrade. I think I like Modern Masters…

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