#goldnugget Round 2

Week 16: Fairly Routine week… nothing too terribly crazy happened. EXCEPT! Baby child got to go to the lake and experience sunshine. This was the second time I dared wear a bathing suit in public since finding out the news. I felt a bit giant… but floating! Ahhhh floating in water is bliss.2014-09-03 20.16.21 Week 17: We finally got to tell all of our friends that we’re having a little boy-child! J is suuuuper relieved to not be expected to keep that secret anymore. He’s not much of a secret-keeper. And he totally spilled the beans a couple of times. 2014-09-12 19.36.50Week 18: Baby kicks! On precisely the 18th week, I think I have progressed from “that kinda feels like a lot of gas bubbles” to “I’m pretty sure that’s my boy-child kicking the junk out of my innards right now.” And it’s awesome. It still feels a bit like bubble guts mixed with a muscle twitch, but it feels a little different than it did before. So I’m going with it. Yay!2014-09-20 20.08.47

Week 19: I had the thought earlier this week… If this is what pregnancy feels like, let’s always be pregnant (ish)! I think I have completely forgotten about the first trimester, and am in the honeymoon phase of it all. I feel great, I can still move around, and I’m enjoying foods again. Also, fetuschild is having dance parties in there. At least, there are lots of “muscle twitchiness” feelings that make me believe it’s fetuschild.2014-09-16 09.38.20Week 20: HALFWAY THERE! We had our ultrasound yesterday, and that was super-fun. It’s just always so reassuring to see the little nugget in there, kicking around, moving, breathing, and watch his little heart beating. I think any parent-to-be experiences the whole “freak out what if everything isn’t okay in there” moments, so getting to see the little man doin his thing is just so calming. Also, I learned the child enjoys laying his head on my bladder. Which explains the whole “going to the bathroom every 20 minutes” thing. Thanks, little buddy.2014-09-30 17.41.58Week 21: This was the week that #goldnugget decided to start kicking in earnest. And also, he doesn’t sleep very much. It’s so strange to feel a tiny human inside you moving, swimming, kicking, etc. What a strange, fun, interesting, and complex time in my life!2014-10-06 17.46.48Week 22: More of the kicking! Tiny Human seems to appreciate snack time, based on the amounts of kicks I receive after I finish eating. Also, he’s still not a fan of overly-sweet things. In fact, my body tends to revolt after I eat a super-sugary snack. Back pains have started as well… which means prenatal yoga is in full swing, so that helps out quite a bit. It doesn’t exactly “solve” the back pain, but it certainly helps. I HAVE DISCOVERED THE GLORY OF A HEATING PAD. This basically solves all my back pains. I mean, this and yoga. LIFE IS GOOD.2014-10-14 17.31.22Week 23: Chocolate is very, very bad. And results in heartburn for hours. I don’t know how I’m going to survive. But! In other [weird] news, glutens no longer bother me. SERIOUSLY. I can eat gluten again! This is cause for much rejoicing and celebrating! I don’t know if this is temporary, or a permanent thing, but for now, I will enjoy a sandwich, a burrito, and tons of other foods I have missed terribly.2014-10-22 10.00.03Week 24: More of the same! Stretching, yoga, heating pad. You know.2014-10-28 20.26.33Week 25: WE WENT TO MEXICO. AND AUSTIN. Tiny Human loved it. Which basically means: I loved it and Tiny Human enjoyed the fact that he got to eat every 2-3 hours.  2014-10-31 12.18.21

Week 26: I survived the glucose test. I think I passed it? Maybe? Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. You just drink a sugary-sweet drink and get poked three times to have your blood drawn. Tiny Human is starting to seriously dance in there. Like… roll around and move and it looks suuuuper-weird from the outside.    2014-11-17 17.41.55Third Trimester, Commence!


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