Skeery Porch Decorations

I have never in my whole life lived in a neighborhood that gets a TON of kids for Halloween. Never. You have these grand hopes of seeing all these cute kids in costumes and buy 17 bags of candy, only to have three people stop by, and one is your neighbor asking if you had any kids come by yet. Entonces, you get sads and eat the rest of the bag of candy your dang self. EXCEPT FOR LAST YEAR. Similar to previous years, I bought my two [small] bags of candy, J and I had some friends over, we made some food and took our fire pit to the front yard to wait for the two kids to show up.  Lo and Behold, the kids arrived. En masse. I TOTALLY RAN OUT OF CANDY. Like, started handing out packets of Cream of Wheat. (I am only slightly ashamed of that. Mostly proud of my ingenuity and resourcefulness.)

Apparently, our neighborhood does it up BIGTIME. We literally had three trailers of people being pulled around the ‘hood. As in… tractors pulling trailers with hay bales and entire streets of people getting off to collect sugar. I was completely dumfounded. And amazed. THIS YEAR! I will do better this year! So I ran out to the Dollar Store (after eating some delicious Nachos, which is imperative to this story… okay, it’s not at all important), and bought two black plastic tablecloths, some weird fake crows, a skeleton garland, and two squeaky rats. I think you know where this is headed. So here’s where we started… (10 points to the person that can spot the Lennon face in the picture.):Fall Porch_HouseofGoldBUT TWIIIIST. Remember how awesome and girly and pretty that Halloween Lace Parlor Stencil was for the Hallway Closet from Royal Design Studio? Well. It can be creepy, too. I laid those two black plastic tablecloths out on the driveway, got some white primer, and stenciled away. Tablecloth Stencil_HouseofGoldStencil_HouseofGold

I didn’t want this to be perfect by any means, which is why I chose to do it on the driveway. I wanted it to look a little messy, a little grungy, and a little… awesome. Stencil Detail Porch_HouseofGold

Perfect.      Then I hung those bad boys up (kind of like drapes), layered some cheesecloth on top (from Home Depot, no less), and put out the rest of the accessories for a perfectly creeper Halloween porch. You like? Halloween Overall_HouseofGoldPorch Stencil_HouseofGoldAnd you remember those mason jars that I [briefly] spoke about a long time ago? I’m going to show you on Wednesday the easiest craft ever. And then you CAN WIN A SET OF YOUR VERY OWN! (Imagine me saying that like Oprah does for her Favorite Things episode.)

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