Giving an Old Lamp a New Lease on Life.

J and I both brought things to the marriage, in terms of furniture and accessories. Most of my things included furniture pieces that Papaw (that means Grandfather, for those that don’t speak Southern) built, and J’s included an array of eclectic lamps. Most of these lamps are pretty fun, although “antique” in nature. Which equals yay, in our house.

If you take nothing else from this blog, I hope you can see how approachable these projects are! Really. Imagine me there next to you, clapping and dancing while you complete these projects on your own, mmkay? Clapping YaySo, the entryway lamp. Remember when we talked about changing out the Fluorescent bulb with a CREE LED, and it was awesome and life-changing? Yes. Well, still is. Except for when occasionally, the lamp would just kind of… turn off. As in, we’d be sitting across the room, and the light would suddenly flicker and/or shut off for no good reason. Or we’d walk past it and it would turn off. Basically, the lamp was haunted. ORRRRR the wiring and connections were super-old and needed to be replaced, in order to be safe. SAFETY FIRST!

Entryway Lights_HouseofGoldSo here’s how to rewire a lamp. It’s super easy. First, head to Home Depot and pick up your rewiring supplies. It basically includes a socket and a cord (you can buy the cords with a plug already attached in the lighting section, or you can go to the electrical section and build it all from scratch, like we did with the pole lights). Rewire Supplies_HouseofGoldOnce you’ve got your junk amassed, start disassembling the light. You *might* need pliers to help get the nuts loose, but everything pretty much unscrews from everything else. Ignore the band-aid finger. I had a run-in with an x-acto blade from a different project. Disassemble Lamp_HouseofGoldSee how bad/ crusty/ rickety the wire looks? You don’t want this. This is bad. This is what causes fires. But for real.

Old Socket_HouseofGoldSo. Once the old socket and wire have been removed, you can shove the new wire back up inside where the old one came out.  Wire Lamp_HouseofGold It should come out of the hole at the top of the lamp, where you would push it through the base of the socket. From there, you take one side of the wire, wrap it around one of the screws in the socket and tighten the screw (the screws are in the top half of the socket assembly). *Wrap the wire around the screw in the same direction that the screw will tighten. This will help secure it in place.* Do the same for the other screw/ wire. Reassemble Lamp_HouseofGoldThen the top of the socket will snap onto the base, and you can further tighten all of the nuts (throughout the lamp) back into place.

Replace your shade and ta-daaa! That’s really all there is to it!

Rewired Lamp_HouseofGoldOh, but want to see something cool? This lamp was hand crafted in 1970 by a husband/ wife team named James and something Carter. They engraved the bottom… HOW COOL IS THAT?

Lamp Engrave_HouseofGold#memories.


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