Hall closet progress-

So the big decision on the closet? I went with a stencil. I’ve actually never stenciled a wall (that I can remember), and I’m always up for trying out new decor ideas… So stencil it is! The kind folks over at Royal Design Studio sent me the Parlor Lace Halloween Stencil, which is one of their “Holiday Collection” stencils. (Remember when they sent the Wallternatives Forest Friends Wallprints Fabric Decals for the Nursery Closet? Yep, same people. They do stencils, too.) But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

After I removed the old rod and shelf, I had to spackle and fill the holes that reminded me of things past.  Remember when I messed up on buying trim paint and we bought way too much of the wrong color? Boooo. We’ve been using all that paint on closet interiors, which has actually proven to be semi-useful. So kind of yay? The whole closet got a nice coat of the oops-trim-paint color before the stenciling could begin.

And then I got the stencil in the mail. It was WAY bigger than I expected, which was brilliant. The back of the closet only took 9 moves-of-the-stencil to cover the entire surface, which was awesome. (Aka, less drying time and less in-between time.)       Stencil in Package_HouseofGold I started stenciling the night that I received it in the mail, and just did one section at a time, allowing the stencil (and the wall) to dry overnight. Also, it prevented the claw from happening. You know, the painter’s hand claw? Right.First Stencil_HouseofGoldSo the edges are the only part where things got a little tricky. Obviously, the stencil won’t go all the way up to the wall, so I got as close as I could get, and then decided to paint a border around all the edges.Closet Stencil Progress_HouseofGoldAlso while I was at Haven, I picked up some of this Frog Tape for textured surfaces. I’ve never had any luck in using painter’s tape in getting a clean, crisp line. So I had very very low expectations with this stuff. Basically, you put the tape up, smash it down, and then use the (included) liquidy-glue stuff to help seal the edge. Let that dry for about 15 minutes, and then paint away. While it did better than just standard tape, it still isn’t exactly perfect. But better is still better.

Frog Tape_HouseofGoldCorner Stripe_HouseofGoldLet’s get back to the stenciled wall, though. OMG. SO PRETTY. I actually don’t want to put any shelves in there anymore. Just keep it as a little pretty room with stenciled walls. Obviously, the stencil is not perfect and you’ll get some smudgy-ness, as you can see in the closeup. Stencil Close Up_HouseofGoldBut from far away, it’s brilliant! Stencil Complete_HouseofGoldStencil Detail_HouseofGold

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10 thoughts on “Hall closet progress-

  1. I really like the look of this too! You’ll have to be satisfied with the pretty little bits you see once you have the closet full again.

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