Coats need a pretty home, too.

Closets have long bothered me. Well, I guess I should say “builder grade” closets have long bothered me. A 6′ high shelf with one curtain rod never seemed like the most functional solution for a space. You always tend to end up with unused space at the bottom of the closet, which ends up being a catchall of sorts, and then ends up smelling like dog. At least it’s that way in our house. *Ahem*   Hall Closet Before_HouseofGoldWith a tiny human on the way, I felt the absolute need to reorganize this space. I’m not exactly sure why this became top priority, but it did. And, as things go in our house, J was gone playing ultimate frisbee Saturday morning, so I decided to rip out the entire closet. So I did just that. After I ripped the shelf and baseboards out, I tried to get a picture inside the closet. Lennon decided to join me, so you know how big the closet is. It will fit exactly one large dog and one pregnant lady. Also, if you call Lennon pudgy, I will punch you in the face. HE’S HEALTHY.Closet Demo_HouseofGoldAlso with a tiny [male] human, I’m fully aware of the fact that I will be severely outnumbered in 4 months. Well, if we’re being honest, I’m already outnumbered by the male population (if you count canines). I wanted a space that is pretty, organized, and GIRLY. Ish. My first step in planning out this closet remodel was to draw up some plans using my favorite program, SketchUp. Here’s what I came up with:Hall Closet Design_HouseofGoldA smallish space on the left for long hanging coats, a section in the middle for cubbies (shoes, laptops, camera, umbrellas, scarves), and a larger area on the right split in half for shorter hanging coats. Basically, I’m going to teach tiny human to hang up his own dang jackets by the time he’s three months old. [Lies] LOOK AT THIS TINY HUMAN FLANNEL, THOUGH.

Tiny Human PlaidOnce my design was established, I decided that I wanted the back wall to have something funsies going on. I had a ton of ideas swirling around, so here are some of them:

Wallpaper, perhaps? Except a roll of this junk is like $4,000.Cole and Son Hicks Hexagon BUT PLEASE.

How about stripes? A tried and true

Just a plain old accent color? (I feel like we all get the idea of what a solid color looks like. No need for a photo here. Right?)

Maybe a stencil? Super-girly roses? Modern-Stencils--Rockin-Roses-Damask_large

What do you think? Super-graphic? Floral? Ladylike? ORGANIZED?

I’m hoping to wrap up the accent wall this weekend, and get to the shelving ASAP after that. Don’t you worry, though. IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE THANKSGIVING. I hope.


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