I like to seal it, seal it.

If you haven’t caught on, J and I have unspoken “jurisdictions” in the house. J handles the deck, the yard, and a bunch of other stuffs. I attempted to handle the garden this year, but I sometimes forget that I need to water it. And weed it. And generally care for it. After tiny human comes along, I will have loads of time to myself to serenely go into the garden and weed while watching butterflies float aimlessly amongst the fully-budded flowers.

Unicorn(Don’t burst my bubble, people.) REGARDLESS.

J basically handled the design and general-contracting of the deck, he built (and stained) the Big Green Egg table, he built the Drink Cart, helped replace the back door, and generally maintains the cleanliness of the whole shebang. We knew, upon purchase of the deck, that we’d have to stain/ seal/ treat it eventually, so when I happened upon the Thompson’s Water Seal booth at Haven, I knew I met my match. They were showcasing a newish product, their Waterproofing Stain, that didn’t require any drying out time for the boards. Typically, you need to let the (new pressure-treated) wood dry out and settle before you can seal/ stain it. But with this stuff? Nope. Not necessary. AND THEN? After Thompsons? I stumbled across HomeRight, where they were showcasing their new Deck Pro with Gap Wheel Stain Applicator. Match made in heaven.     How to Seal_HouseofGold So we’ll start with the deck products we used first. Since we did end up letting the deck dry out (not because we’re rebels, but just because the timing worked out that way), we had to clean the deck. That doesn’t exactly mean blowing the pine needles off, although J did have to do that. See?Deck before_HouseofGold

We picked up some of this Behr Deck Cleaner, which J sprayed on, let sit, and then scrubbed off. Ta-daaa! Magic. But really. It looks so much better already! Deck Clean_HouseofGold

Once that dried out overnight, he got his seal on. Again, he swept the rogue pine needles off the deck (it’s fall, y’all) before he started. And then he grabbed the Applicator Stick and sucked the stain right up into the tube. Like so:Filling Seal_HouseofGoldFilling Seal Tube_HouseofGold

This applicator stick was super-easy to use! At least… it looked like it was. I was mainly inside working on the Master Bathroom sink while J was working on this. He just squeezied the seal right onto the boards. And the little wheel got (mostly) in between each board, although J did go back with a brush a couple of times. Just to be certain. Sealing Deck_HouseofGoldAfter he was finished with the walking surfaces, he barricaded the stairs off so the dogs would stay off. (The seal requires 48 hours to dry.) But this project is only halfway done! We actually grabbed a contrasting color to stain the rails! Hopefully that will get done in the near future. Hopefully.

Deck Seal After_HouseofGold Deck Seal After2_HouseofGold Deck Seal Seating_HouseofGold

Still left to do?

  • Stain the rails
  • Make a giant table
  • Purchase new cushions for the seating!

Many many many thanks to Thomspons and HomeRight for providing the Seal/ Stain and Deck Brush. We highly recommend the both of them.


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