Chilled beverages for all!

Waaaay back when we were working on the kitchen remodel, we ripped out the old sink. Remember that? And literally tossed it in our side yard, like any good redneck would do. I had grand ideas of selling it on craigslist. I mean, who wouldn’t want a [partially] rusty, 50-year-old cast iron sink that needed to be re-glazed? I posted the ad and waited. Patiently. Nobody wanted it, turns out. This is where the story gets interesting. Maybe. Depends on what you think “interesting” is.

J came up with a brilliant idea. See? Interesting already. He said… “Muffinsugarhead, what if we made something with the sink?” (No, he does not actually call me Muffinsugarhead.) I immediately thought of something such as this, which I strangely wasn’t opposed to (but should have been).Petunias-old-bathtub

He continued and said… “what if we make a thing with the sink that holds drinks? Like for parties, we can fill the sink up with ice and it’ll be all kinds of fun and such?” And then the drawings and design plans started formulating. Mind you, we started this project back in the winter. It is now October. Our ideas can sometimes take a while to fully mature.  Like babies. Those take a while to mature. How to Drink Cart_HouseofGold Regardless. He started out by creating a very simple frame, using deck rails. Really easy.Cart Frame_HouseofGoldThen he made a few supports for where the sink would rest.Building Sink Supports_HouseofGold

Then he planked the top, using old pallet wood. Drink Cart Top_HouseofGoldAfter our deck was built, the nice deck man left his extra supplies with us. Rather, he was going to throw them away and we said… NOoooooOOO, Mr. Deck Man! Leave them here! And he obliged. So we took his extra cedar planks and finished skirting the sides and bottom of this contraption, leaving the middle open for “things”.  Like extra seating poufs.Drink Cart Skirt_HouseofGoldWe tried a multitude of things to stop up the sink holes, so we could fill this thing with ice and drinks and things people like at parties. One such method was this silicone buddy that is meant to cover your leftovers. Didn’t work. Totally leaked. (But still great for your leftovers!) (Affiliate link!)

And that’s when I just decided to suck it up and buy a couple of drain plug strainer assemblies and stop wasting my money with sub-par solutions. They cost me all of $9 each. Here’s a smattering of pictures that will show you how I installed the drains.        Sink Drain_HouseofGold

Once those were in, we were all set to go! They make the sink watertight, able to hold ice and drinks and have parties and such! It’s so fun to finally cross this project off the list!Drinnk Cart Complete_HouseofGoldDrink Cart Sink_HouseofGold

And just because he’s cute, here’s Ringo. Attempting to pose. But SQUIRREL.Drink Cart Model_HouseofGoldLinking up with Remodelaholic & Upcycled Treasures!


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