The Master Bathroom SINK

So when I imagined up this tiny (2-part) series on the Master Bathroom, I thought… GIRL POWER! I’m going to do these projects myself and show other women that they can do it, too! No boys needed! Fist bumps and (non-alcoholic, gluten free) beer! How to Install a Faucet_HouseofGoldAnd for the most part, I succeeded in my quest. I mean, Mom did the majority of the grunt work in the shower. All I had to do was clean it up and swipe some sealer on grout lines. Oh, and caulk. Oh, and replace a showerhead. (BTW, the showerhead has been in use for approximately one week and it is life-changing. You NEED THIS SHOWERHEAD. Waterpik’s SprayShaper. You’re welcome.)

Waterpik ShowerSprayer_HouseofGoldAnd then came the faucet. Normally, J handles all the plumbing work in our house. I mean, he daggum installed and re-installed the kitchen drain and disposal. He installed a cleanout. He plumbed under the master bathroom sink the first time. Oh, and he replaced about 16 toilets at our house in Augusta. But this time? THIS TIME WAS ALL MINE. Aided by #goldnugget. So here we go. You Go Girl

The incredibly generous people over at Moen sent us the Kingsley two-handle low arc bathroom faucet. In Oil Rubbed Bronze. Now. I have mentioned once or twice that I used to work at Ferguson, which is a plumbing/ lighting/ appliances distributor. Entonces, I was very familiar with Moen (as with most plumbing apparatus’– or is it apparatusses? or apparati?), so I knew what to expect. However. When this faucet arrived in the mail, I was… surprised. This faucet is hefty, strong, and made to last. Remember when J and I splurged on our Delta kitchen faucet? GUYS. THERE IS A REASON SOME OF THESE THINGS COST MORE. THEY’RE WORTH MORE. As a sometimes cheap-o, I rarely will spend more to buy quality products. I’m a work in progress, people. Behold: the Box of Wonders.

Box of Wonders_HouseofGoldSo let’s get to the installation. I got out all my tools and laid all my pieces and parts out. And also took a picture of my left foot. Just for funsies.

Faucet Supplies_HouseofGold And then I unscrewed the water lines from the faucet (AFTER I turned the water off, of course). But then! ROADBLOCK. You see, I have a growing belly, which prevents me from getting in some awkward spots like I was once able to do. I had to call in the muscles to unscrew the nut that secures the faucet to the counter/ sink. Once J loosened that up, I was smooooth sailing. Ish.

I removed the old faucet very easily, and started installing the new guy by following the instructions. Faucet goes into pre-drilled holes, nuts go on underside of faucet. See? Easy.Faucet Placed_HouseofGoldNext, pop-up drain gets a bead of plumber’s putty and then gets screwed into the tailpiece… ROADBLOCK #2.Drain Installation_HouseofGoldOkay, so the tailpiece is the metal part that feeds into your actual PVC drain. Mine needed to be about 1/2″ longer than what was provided.Tailpiece Installation_HouseofGoldI attempted to use the old plastic piece from the previous faucet, but the threads weren’t lining up. And when seals aren’t tight in plumbing, you have problems. So I had to go to Home Depot and get a 12″ extension piece (cut down to the proper length), and then I could continue. Once I had the proper length of tailpiece, the installation could continue, which required just a little bit of grunting before I finished. (Trust me, the directions included with the faucet are a bit more helpful. BUT YOU CAN DO IT!)   Moen Faucet_HouseofGoldI even sent a text to Mom and Dad and J, showcasing my DIY efforts. It was a glorious moment. But even better than that? Really, it’s using this guy every day. It’s SOLID and awesome. I want to gaze lovingly at it all day long.Faucet Complete_HouseofGoldMoen Faucet Installed_HouseofGoldLinking up with Upcycled Treasures & Thrifty Decor Chick!


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