The Master Bath… Revised Edition.

I know we kind of pretended like the Master Bathroom was done with our most recent update. But then, like any good 50-year old home, tiles started popping off in the shower one day. Just like that. So the shower was shut down for about… oh… two months until I got around to fixing these tiles. My first step? Finish removing any additional un-sticky tiles. Aka, if I could use my finger or gentle pressure to pop a tile away from the wall, it happened. So I did that. And then that’s where the project stalled out. (Sorry, no uglypictures of this step.)

Then Mom came in and saved the day. AGAIN. She found the motivation to get in there and grind out some of the grout from the surrounding tiles, using a grout removal attachment for her Dremel.Grout Removed_HouseofGold Once that happened, she re-used the old tiles that were carefully preserved and stuck them back onto the wall using some leftover mastic from the kitchen backsplash. Once that dried out for a few days, she grouted the area, making sure to smoosh the grout in there nice and tight. Then she (and Dad) left us to continue on their travels and the bathroom sat in its partially-finished state for another week.Shower Step Grouted_HouseofGold (This is after everything was re-grouted…)

Then I finally found some motivation and cleaned the shower out. Using a mixture of about 3/4 cup of baking soda and 1/3 cup of bleach, I scrubbed to my heart’s content. (GUYS. Captain safety here: keep the area super-ventilated, wear a mask, gloves, and clothes that are okay to get bleach on them. Oh. And I took lots of clean air breaks, too.) Bleach Mixture_HouseofGold

Here’s the before/ after. Still not 100% clean and perfect, but I’d say it’s about 1000% better. Oh, and this was mid-haze of the bleaching process. Not even complete there.Shower Clean_HouseofGold

AND THEN? I got to use the sealer. This will help keep the grout lines from staining/ molding/ getting nasty. Hopefully. (Mom picked it up for us at Home Depot.) I did two applications of it, and it went on pretty quickly and easily, thanks to the applicator tip.Sealer_HouseofGold

And then to round it all out, I installed a brand new showerhead that is super fancy that I got while I was at Haven. This is a new Waterpik showerhead that is kind of like a spaceship with a whole lot of awesome mixed in. Really. The side pieces adjust forwards, backwards, inside, outside, and it’s basically like a shower-Popple.Waterpik ShowerSprayer_HouseofGold Replacing a showerhead is the easiest thing to do ever in the history of ever. You unscrew the old one from the spout-y thing that sticks out of the wall, and screw on the new one. That’s basically all.  And then you hang out in your newly-transformed spa.Showerhead Before After_HouseofGold(Don’t worry… the cord will straighten out and relax in a few days.)

And next week? The sink faucet and I face off in an epic battle. Don’t worry. There will be finished pics of the spaces soon. Until then, you’ll just have to struggle along with these not-so-glam ones. Kthanksbye.


3 thoughts on “The Master Bath… Revised Edition.

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  2. Love your blog! Had a similar shower issue as well! Just to save you from future problems I wanted to share some things I found on this issue. Both “Holmes Makes it Right”…and, under – BATHROOM REVIEW PART 2 (June 10) comment on siliconing between tiles that meet at 90 degrees or where two surfaces meet. Below is a quote from 6-10:

    “After about a year we noticed that most of the grout that meets the tub and the first subway tile was cracking and falling out in chunks in to the tub. The same problem was happening to the grout between the floor tile and tub. I showed the problem to the amazing tiler who did our basement tile and he told me that tubs shift and move when used. To remedy this you’re supposed to use silicone grout in a tube. In fact, he told me you really should use the silicone stuff where ever there’s a 90 degree angle or where two surfaces meet.”

    Anyways, we are going to be chiseling out our nasty grout & adding silcone at all of our 90 degree areas etc.

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