Catering to the Dogs.

No, I do not make specific catered foods for our animals. I’m not that cray. But with Mom and Dad in town, we had an opportunity to take advantage of Big Poppa’s experience. Namely, in installing a doggie door. Years ago, when Ed was a puppy, Dad installed a doggie door in our house in Northern Virginia. Ed is now 15 1/2 years old, so he’s an old pro at LIFE. Also, doggie doors. So here you go. A how-to. How to Install a Doggy Door_HouseofGold I first went to Home Depot and picked up this guy (for extra-super-large dogs… AHEM, LENNON), for about $85. *cough* That seemed a good bit pricey. Doggie Door_HouseofGold

So then I checked Amazon (after the fact, of course), and discovered thesameexactdoorforless. So I ordered that sucker. See below. A couple days later, and this buddy was at our front door. Yay, free shipping! (Affiliate Amazon link)
This whole project happened while I was slaving away in Corporate America, so Mom and Dad managed the entire bit all by themselves. Hooray, them! So first, they took the door off the hinges. Much easier that way. And Lennon decided to help. Lennon is a Helper_HouseofGoldNext up, they used the super-secure plastic closing-piece as a template to mark where the door needed to be cut. Door TemplateThen they drilled a pilot hole in one of the corners of the rectangle, and used the jigsaw to cut out the square. And then smashed it out with a rubber mallet! Such strong, they are. Cutting Door Hole_HouseofGoldOnce they got out their aggressions, they attached the door- there’s a front piece and a back piece that sandwiches the door in the middle, and then screws together. Pretty simple process. Finishing Door_HouseofGoldThe hard part of this? Teaching two dog-animals how to get through this tricky tricky hole. Mom and Dad said it required almost an entire treat jar and lots of positive reinforcement.

But hallelujah! They can do it! And Ed kind of can, too. Sort of. Let’s not get too crazy. This is them still testing it out. Sorry about the pic of Lennon’s butt. He’s not very modest.

Dogs Testing_HouseofGoldNext up for this door? And yes, there is a next. As you can see, the door is still pretty rough. We’ve long neglected our side yard, as you might be able to tell. First, it most definitely needs an awesome coat of paint. Hopefully this will be complete by next week, so I can show you some finals!


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