Gender Predictors?

Saturday is the day. The day where we tell therestofeveryone the gender of #goldnugget. We’re having a party. With pie and cobbler. So, as a hint of things to come, here are some gender predictor test results I’ve taken.

According to legends of yore, a heartbeat of 140+ beats per minute means the fetus is a girl-child. Gold Nugget’s very first heartbeat was 188 BPM, and slowed to 160ish around 13 weeks.

Girl ScrabbleCravings? Definitely want me some salty foods. Chips and Cheese Fries will do me just fine. Which indicates a boy-child. Boy ShoesThis Chinese Gender Chart is said to be over 90% accurate, and says we’re having a girl. Girl ShoesPregnancy Acne? YEP, got it. According to this old wives tale, having a girl will “steal your beauty” (and give you acne). Thanks, fetus.Girl_stick figureCrazy morning sickness? Girl. Not so bad? Boy. Mine was probably more of the “not so bad”, although it did knock me out a few times. Boy CigarsHistory of Parent’s kids: If you were the last child, you will have what your Mother had. In the exact order. For me, it was Boy, then Girl.  Entonces:Boy BannerDreams about the sex of the baby: if you dream you’re having a boy, it’s a girl. If you dream you’re having a girl, it’s a boy. I had a good bit of dreams with a little baby boy.

Princess TiaraIf your hands are constantly dry, you’re having a boy. I’ve been reaching for the lotion aplenty. But I wonder if that’s just because I’ve been using the bathroom 4x more than normal..?

beardSo there you have it. We’re apparently having both.




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