How You Like Me NOW?

If you’ve ever been curious to know how things hold up around the House of Gold, here’s your grand opportunity. Every once in a while, things don’t quite work out. Or at least, they don’t work out as originally planned. But sometimes, that’s just okay. Puppy Fail

The counters: We still love the heck out of these things. However, a few months ago, I noticed the seam had started to split apart. I actually went to a lunch and learn (at work) on quartz countertops and asked whether or not a seam could be repaired. They said yes, but not without ripping the countertop out and messing up the backsplash. :/ With that in mind, J [fearfully] called up the company that installed them and they came out to fix them. And it was much easier. The man shimmed the countertop again (to double-secure it), scraped out the old seam goo, and added new stuff. I forgot to get a “before” picture of the split, but here’s after the nice man fixed it. Also, he said this kind of thing has a 1/10,000 of happening. We should go play the lottery.Cambria Quartz_HouseofGold


The wood floors: We are so in love with these guys. However, the dogs can wreck havoc on them. Especially in a couple places, where they tend to be the most excitable… like the back door. Or right outside the opening into the kitchen:Ed Wood Floor_HouseofGold

Other than those two spots, they still seem to be in fairly good shape. We also try to use rugs in the high-traffic areas, to help minimize the wear and tear in particular spots.

And when we had the flooring guys come back out to trim out a section of the wood to allow for expansion, it seemed to do the trick. (My little fix wasn’t quite enough of trimming. Had to take out a little more than just a sliver to allow for expansion.) No more weird bubbles and buckles and puckers with the floor.

The trellis planter: This has failed us two years running. I’m obviously using the wrong plants… oh, and sometimes I forget to water them. So there’s that. I think this might be used for purely decorative purposes from now on.Trellis After_HouseofGold

The succulent birdcage planter: Save for the flowery succulents, they are doing quite well. I basically never remember to water them, and they seem to enjoy that just fine. Also, I went to the plant nursery yesterday, and discovered that the flowery plants enjoy water and being fertilized. I mixed two very different kinds of plants in this box, which made the flowers die. Womp Womp Womp.Succulent After_HouseofGold

So there you go. Wanna know an update on a different project? Ask away!



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