The #goldnugget closet!

As I said before, the Nugget’s closet is my space. All mine (to decorate, not to live in). Duh, I want it to be cohesive with the rest of the room, but it’s okay to do something a little different in there (at least in my opinion). I’ve learned from painting many rooms (especially in this house), trim should be painted first. It really ends up being easier that way to cut in with the wall colors, than to try to paint a straight line with the trim. Just a little tip there for you.

I actually painted the whole closet with a paintbrush, which just ended up being easier for me. The walls are highly textured, and I figured I could get better/ more even coverage with a brush, rather than a roller. Oh- I also discovered that the previous owner probably hadn’t painted the walls since… I have no idea. There was a baby blue. And a mint green. And white.

Closet Colors Before_HouseofGoldI knew I wanted to start off with a dark backdrop, and the leftover paint from the Master Bathroom project was the perfect shade of blue for me. I didn’t want everything to be dark in there, though. So in stark contrast, I painted the top shelf white. OF COURSE, something had to be gold in there. So I painted the hanging bar with our favorite Martha Stewart paint.

I also got these cubbies when friends of ours moved out of the area and couldn’t take them with them. (Same friends that left behind the rehabbed filing cabinet.) But the cubbies couldn’t be navy blue. Talk about blue overload. So I painted them white. (One coat of primer, three coats of paint. And plenty of dry-time between coats.) I grabbed these nylon baskets from HomeGoods, and fully expect to fill up the shelves with toys, books, or some other such thing a tiny human would want. I don’t know. What do tiny humans want? Probably just sleep and food and for their diapers to be cleaned. So basically, these shelves will be empty for a while.

And then? MY MOST FAVORITE PIECE OF THE ENTIRE PLACE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. The Forest Friends Wallprints Fabric Decal from Wallternatives. I’m SO into these.Wallternatives Closeup_HouseofGold

I didn’t even use up half of them, either. Which means I GET TO USE THE REST OF THEM ELSEWHERE. Can you tell I’m excited? The super-fun people over at Wallternatives were so incredibly generous to send these over, and I can’t even begin to describe how fun they are. They’re not necessarily recommended for use on textured walls (which we most definitely have), but they seem to be staying in place after hanging there for a couple weeks. You literally just peel and stick them onto to the wall. Super easy installation, and maximum impact. RIGHT?

I can imagine that once tiny human gets their little paws on them, though, they’d peel right off. But our tiny human will be absolutely perfect and will never touch things He or She is not supposed to touch. Also, it’s not a big deal if they are removed- they can just be re-stuck to the walls.Wallternatives_HouseofGoldAfter I thought I was mostly finished with the closet, I realized… nope. I want more shelves in there. Nugget will have more things that need to be put away. Like fresh cuts of meat. So I quickly added a few. The top shelf was actually two-boards deep, which was completely unnecessary, in my opinion. So I ripped that board down to the depth of the shelf I needed, and then screwed in support woods to the three surrounding walls. Closet Shelves in Progress_HouseofGoldRight now, the shelf is just placed on top of the supports, but I could easily brad nail those in to place, should the little nugget decide he or she likes to do wall climbing exercises.Nursery with Shelves_HouseofGoldThe nugget’s little closet makes me happy. And it’s not even close to being done. I still need to make curtains! (I’m opting for curtains instead of doors for this space.) But the curtains will most likely be gender-specific (that will be a Team Gold decision). And I obviously can’t show you that right now. 🙂 But I’m going to go ahead and say this is progress. And progress is a good thing.Nursery Closet Overall_HouseofGoldNursery Detail_HouseofGoldBTW, the Craigslist ban has been lifted. YESSSSS.

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