FetusJoy and a #goldnugget compilation

I kept a little “journal” describing the stages of this pregnancy. Just in case you were wondering what it’s been like in our house.

I’m at week 5. I’ve known I’m pregnant for officially… 6 days now. I go to sleep super-early (8:15 one night, no later than 9:30 the other nights), am starting to get some back issues, and a good bit of cramps. Good news… I can still see my feet. 2014-06-14 16.07.46

Welcome to week 6! We kicked it off with a few (full) days of nausea. YAY. I do tend to get a good bit of food aversions. As in… I’ll be eating a plate of food, look at it, and can’t stand to be around it anymore. It’s awesome. Also, last night, J had the most stressful moment he’s had as of yet. He didn’t know what to make me for dinner. Like, he was a total mess. It was so (weirdly) fun/ heartwarming to see him hover and fret.2014-06-19 06.47.15

Week 7: Some barfy- feelings that last the majority of the day, but the tail end of the week managed to find me nausea-free! ish.2014-06-24 07.20.53

Crazy 8: Fetus no longer has a tail! Yay! But also, I want to sleep more now than I ever did before. SERIOUSLY, I need a cot at work. Under my desk. Please. Also, fetus HATES bananas. And plums. Both of those are gag-able foods.2014-07-03 07.10.09

Week 9! This is a pretty exciting week for us, since we got to go to the OB’s office and actually SEE that there was, indeed, [one] tiny human growing inside me. What a surreal moment to be able to experience. The initial appointment took somewhere around 4 hours, which included the ultrasound, a visit with the Doctor, and then I got to sit down for some bloodwork. Here’s where it gets fun. I sit in the little blood-room, and am instructed to place my left arm atop the giving table. I comply, but quickly turn my head to the right, so I can focus on the puppies taped to the wall, and not the fact that there is a needle in my arm that is sucking the lifeblood from me. Oops! My vein rolled. Which means the left arm is no longer good. On to the right! Thank the Lord for two arms, amiright? So the nice nurse-lady starts on the right, but I’m stuck. I can’t look to the left, because of the blood. I can’t look to the right, because that’s where the needle is. No worries, though. Fairly soon after she sticks me, I start to feel a little light-headed. Nurselady tells me to look up, rest my head back on the wall, and lightly cough. I comply with two coughs. Somewhere after the second, I passed out. I ACTUALLY FAINTED!! It was one of the BEST naps I’ve ever taken in my life. And then after that, I got to lay down on a bed and finish my blood-giving there. Yaaaay.2014-07-18 07.10.47

Week 10: I’m legit showing. I wore a dress to work yesterday that is no longer a viable option. It certainly did not hide the fact that I’m growing a tiny human… in fact, I think it enhanced this.2014-07-28 18.09.13

Week 11: If people don’t stop posting pictures of food, I may just drive to their houses and punch them in their faces. One day left until 12 weeks, and then MAGICALLY the nausea goes away, right? RIGHT? Also, earlier this week, I left work to go home and take a nap. #workselfieinthebathroom2014-08-05 11.29.57

Week 12: More of the same. Except I fell asleep at 8:30 this week. That was awesome. Also, tiny human still passionately hates bananas. So there’s that. Add on: Tiny Human hates [breakfast] egg sandwiches. Also, J is terrified of [possibly] watching me throw up.2014-08-10 14.27.56

Week 13: This is the closest I have come to full-on RAGE mode. I ordered a pizza from California Pizza Kitchen for lunch (they’re about a 45 second walk from my office), and it took ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO ARRIVE. YOU DO NOT MESS WITH A HUNGRY FETUS. The delivery kid knew things were not good when he arrived, and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw the HANGER in my eyes. I paid the sir, grabbed my food, and sat myself down to help the little fetus out. Additionally, I had another Doctor’s appointment and I got to hear Nugget’s heartbeat. It almost sounded like when Ringo gets super-scared of thunder and sticks his face in yours and pants really loudly. They will be best friends.2014-08-17 18.43.18

Week 14: I gagged on air this week. That was fun. The lingering nausea seems to have gone away, with infrequent gag-sessions. I have energy again, though! Yay! I can get back to project-ing again! People have also decided to take it upon themselves to comment on how LARGE I AM GETTING. And my food selections. And one lady even reminded me that whatever weight I put on, I’ll just have to lose it after the baby comes. If I get put in jail for punching someone in the face, this serves as fair warning.2014-08-23 09.34.06And here we are at week 15. We actually found out the gender last week– woooooo. And we’re going to be able to tell our parents in the next couple of days, when they all happen to be in town! YAY. Also, fetus is not a fan of brushing my teeth or pizza. And yes, I am wearing crocs in the picture below. Don’t hate.

2014-08-28 07.03.53

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not very good at smiling in posed pictures. So enjoy those awkward moments, and you’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “FetusJoy and a #goldnugget compilation

  1. Congratulations! I love how you have weekly pics/journal entries. The bump pictures are cute! I always wish I had taken more pictures of my ‘bump’

  2. Wait a minute Kelly….we won’t be in town when you tell the parents and you did say we are grandparents. I have it in writing!!! :))

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