A chandy in the garage!

I started this project LOOOONG before the laundry area makeover started, but I was just never fully convinced that it was done. In fact, I’m still not exactly sure it’s there. But it’s done-ish, and as of right now, doneish is good enough in my book! So, to remind you all, we started here:Laundry Before_HouseofGold

And then, the bulbs burned out of that awesome fluorescent, J refused to buy more. So we were… light-less for a while in the garage. And that’s where the dogs eat in the morning, so it was a little dark. Until I crafted the new light, that is.

First, I found two colanders similar to these:

And then I stumbled across two fruit baskets, such as these (both of these, and the link to the crystals are affiliate links, btw):

And then I spray painted the fruit baskets (twice) and rigged it up into a functioning light fixture.Colander Lights_HouseofGoldBut it still wasn’t quite done. Then one day, I received an email from Antique Farm House, and they featured this light.

Antique Farmhouse Inspiration

I fell in love, but not with the price tag. And then I figured I could modify my existing fixture to [sort of] replicate it.

So first I stopped at Michaels, armed with my 40% off coupon, and realized their crystals were still DOUBLE what they cost on Amazon. (If you’re an amazon junkie, download the app- you can scan barcodes of items, for an immediate price-match!) Obvs, I went home and ordered these crystals from Amazon. Then I not-so-patiently waited for two days until they arrived.Crystals_HouseofGoldThen I installed them!

And now?! The lights are doneish. Crystal Lights Toward Laundry_HouseofGoldLights with Crystals_HouseofGoldI think I still need to do something to the ceiling… It is sad right now. Paint it, perhaps? I toyed with the idea of planking part of it, but quickly realized that nails + plaster walls = not bff’s. So that just would not do.

What say you? What does this need to be finished? Paint? Blue Square Option_HouseofGoldGrey Border_HouseofGold

Glitter? Gold Glitter Ceiling_HouseofGoldA mural of Ed’s face? Ayudame, por favor!



One thought on “A chandy in the garage!

  1. Could you hang a piece of foam core that could cover the wires? And either paint it like your examples or cover it in some cool way? Those wires bother me.

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