More on the hall bath!

When I went to Haven, one of the [awesome] goodies in our swag bag was a CREE light bulb. Ever heard of them? They’re LED lights that basically look like regular ol’ incandescent light bulbs. Aka, eco-friendly and decidedly not ugly. J was so excited about it that he immediately put it in the lamp we have on our entryway table. We leave this guy on a lot when we leave, so it just makes sense to have a long-lasting bulb there.

Entryway Lights_HouseofGold

But! The best part? J is a stickler for color temperature. Have I already explained color temperature? It’s basically the difference from when an LED glows blue vs. a fluorescent that would glow orange. You can actually buy LED’s that are “warm” (more toward the natural light), or ones that are “cool” (more toward the department-store white). Make sense? Back to what I was saying. J hates it when a bulb glows blue. Or orange. He basically prefers it to glow the same way that an incandescent bulb would glow. But since those are obsolete and we’re never going to introduce them to our future heirs, LED’s to the rescue!

So I got in touch with CREE and said… “Hey! We love this guy!” And they said “Awesome! Let’s get some in that hall bathroom so you can take out the ugly spiral fluorescents you’ve left in there for over a year that hang out the bottom of the globe, so it looks like a lady with her slip showing!” And I said… “omgomgomgomgomg.” And then they sent me this. All kinds of party in a box.

Cree in a Box_HouseofGoldBefore (the way, way before):hallbath

Halfway there-ish (such light, very blown-out):New LightsFluorescents Hall Bath_HouseofGoldAnd After:Cree Installed_HouseofGold

See the color temperature there? It’s awesome. See the rounded bulb? It’s awesome. I would recommend these little buggers in a HEARTBEAT. Especially in places that you either a) don’t want to change the bulb ever, or b) places where you might see the bulb exposed. Aka, anywhere you dang well want to.

So. Where can you get these wonderful buddies? Duh. Home Depot. My Favorite. They might seem a little pricey up front, but in my working-life, we constantly talk about life-cycle costs vs. up-front costs. Btw, my working-life is at an Architecture firm. So they basically convince clients whether or not they should spend the money up front making something awesome vs. something that’s just okay that you’ll have to replace later on down the line. (The Go Big or Go Home idea, of course.) You see the parallel-ism there? Yep. Invest in the LED’s. #worthit.

So go ahead, turn that light on. And off. As many times as you want to. They’ll last forever. Almost.

Cat Light

**Muchas gracias to CREE for sending these buddies our way. Seriously. The best.**


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