The Front Door: Round Two

A while ago, we stripped and re-painted our front door. Well, we stripped the whole thing and then just repainted the front of the door, since we liked the inside so much. This project, at first glance, was not the most fun project we’ve done. Mostly because I [wrongly] assumed it would take about 3 hours to complete, instead of 2 full days. We still love the result, but there are a few updates and such that you should know about.

1. We chose not to use an exterior paint for the outside of the door. We just used a flat paint from Ace (since it was free. Seriously, like their Facebook page, and you can get free paint occasionally!), and then used our water-based polyurethane to finish it off. After a few months, though, there were a couple spots that started to yellow. I decided to just lightly sand those spots, repaint, and re-poly. (This could be an ongoing thing, but as of right now, it’s been fine.) (Also, yes, I do see that the poly is for floors, but… um… ees okay?)

Paint Poly_HouseofGold

2. The backside (the inside) of the door is still beautiful in all its unfinished glory! It actually works wonderfully for us, since two of our dogs think it’s awesome to jump and scratch the door when I get home [despite our best training efforts].


3. The whole “spray painting the knob” trick didn’t work. The paint scratched off like a pro, and it looked pretty bad for a while.(Picture below is original spray-painted knob. Booooo)

Blue Door w Knob

So when I was over on The Space Between’s blog, she mentioned her new knob/ lock system, and I showed it to J. He was totally on board.

Originally, we had just a single lock, which I wasn’t crazy about, but it did the trick for the time being. I ultimately wanted a deadbolt, but was biding my time. So when we saw this Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt, we knew we found the one. *Stars shone brightly, and the heavens opened. Maybe*

J borrowed this Door Lock Installation Kit from a Contractor buddy, which came in super-handy. And then we replaced the knob with this Kwikset Cameron Knob that has “smart-key” technology, which allows you to re-key the door to match another lock. (We put the same knob on our back door, so they are basically twins. Or sisters. Or brothers. I’m not sure what gender locks are.)Keypad_HouseofGold

I’m not going to lie… the whole “installing a deadbolt” thing isn’t super-easy. In fact, it required a good bit of chiseling and wood filler to get the holes aligned. And I still need to finish sanding and painting the door jamb. [blogger shame] And we still need to replace the screen door. Maybe that’s why I’m waiting. jk. Door Jamb Sad_HouseofGold

But we LOVE this keypad thing! We can walk our dogs, keep the door locked, and not have to bring a key! You can opt to have it automatically lock after 30 seconds, or you can choose to manually lock it. SO MANY OPTIONS! So, yeah. We’d recommend it.

Front Door Final_HouseofGold*The links are amazon affiliate links, btw. The link to The Space Between is just because I like reading it. So there’s that.



9 thoughts on “The Front Door: Round Two

  1. I love the inside of the door all unfinished like that. So pretty! Also, that new lock = amazing! We live in an apartment with two deadbolts on our door (yay, NYC!) but my heart is going to hold onto that lock for the day we get to use it. Love.

  2. That totally sounds incredible! We’ve eyed those at HD for a while. And I totally like reading TSB, too. So, we must be kindred spirits, yo.

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