Wipe on, Wipe off!

I mentioned (briefly) that I went to a little blogging conference in Atlanta a few weeks ago. And when I say little, I mean… ginormous. Lots of womens (and some mens) were there, all figuring this whole “blogging” thing out. And, just for showing up, we got these great big bags stuffed with samples from vendors! I mean, seriously. My shoulder got tired from holding this bag. (I say that in the least-complaining-y-way-possible.)

I didn’t open the bag immediately, because I knew J would want to see all the things inside. (He really gets a kick out of opening presents. Pretty sure I could wrap an empty box, and he’d be okay with it. Kind of.)

Emma_Stone_resized.gifOne of his favorite gift baggies was from Minwax. (Who doesn’t love a good stain?) Coming from a Marketing person who orders the swag for her company, this was a SOLID bag. They had a high-quality level (not the cheapy kind), a stain/ paint brush (again, not the cheapy kind), and a packet of one of their newer offerings: stain wipes.

So when the Parentals were helping out with the Laundry redo, I handed Mom the pack of wipes, an unfinished crafting crate, and said… “GET TO WORK, MOTHER.” Or maybe I just asked politely if she wanted to be the product tester, to which she happily obliged. (She’s a nice lady.) Raw Wood Crate_HouseofGoldHer first reaction? “Look, gloves are included! That’s nice.” Wipes Package_HouseofGoldSecond? “Oooh. They’re all in a tray! That’s nice.”

Wipes Tray_HouseofGoldThird: “Not too bad.” (Excuse the blurry hand… Mom is lightning FAST!!) Also, you won’t need earmuffs for this project. Stain does not make a loud noise. Staining_HouseofGoldFourth: “Done!”

She ended up using four wipes to cover the crate, and despite the fact that we didn’t sand it or prep it in any way, I thought it did the trick! Laundry Detail_HouseofGoldSo, if you were to ask me if I would purchase these for my very own, I’d say… “Sure! They’re great for crafty-type projects. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to stain a floor with them, but for these kinds of smaller things, I’m all in!”

And then I’d write a letter to Minwax. It would say… “Dear Minwax, these were quite fun. Thank you for putting them in my swag bag. Kthanksbye.” And then I’d probably awkwardly wave at them and walk away.



7 thoughts on “Wipe on, Wipe off!

  1. I would have totally used those if we had them earlier this year. We just built and stained a sundial mirror with Minwax stains. I have to say, I loved their non-smelly ones. The smelly ones were a little strong for me since we had to do it in the apt but they looked great. P.S. Which conference was that?

    • Hey Kim! They’re great- I’m officially putting my stamp of approval on them. We’re also using their water-based stain right now, which is aweeeesome. And I went to Haven. Have you ever been to one?

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