Making Laundry Fun Again!

Okay, first off: Laundry will never be fun. Unless you’re a weirdo. Laundry is a necessity. I embrace it. It’s not so bad. But fun? Eating ice cream is fun. Regardless. I asked you all a while ago what project we should tackle next. And it was halvsies between the laundry area and the shutters/ window boxes. (Nobody cared about our poor little linen closet. Including me.) Our laundry area typically looked like this: Laundry Before_HouseofGoldAlmost every day. Something was being painted, dogs running rampant, laundry, attic stairs, bad lighting, etc etc etc. But then Mom and Dad were all… “hey! we’re going to make you stands to put the washer and dryer on!” And they did it out of scrap wood. So the area seemed a thousand times better.Laundry Before Two_HouseofGold But it was still a mess. The shelf wasn’t super-functional for a short person like me, the plaster met up with drywall in a weird way, and I never cleaned it. Aka: gross. So. While J was out doin his Real Estate thing, Dad used his muscles and took the shelf down. (He moved it to a different wall!) Such work, very muscle.Shelf Removal_HouseofGoldAnd then I grabbed this stack of burlap I had sitting around for approximately 2 years. And I thought it would be perfect. Btw, do you remember the burlap Christmas garland? Same stuff. I started off with a staple gun to tack the burlap up (I didn’t worry so much about it being perfect, since I was going to finish off the edges.), but then I quickly realized that staple guns and plaster walls are not amigos. So I graduated to large-headed nails. Tacking Burlap_HouseofGoldBurlap Hung_HouseofGoldAnd then I grabbed extra pieces of lattice we had laying around (apparently, it’s a staple in our home), and started painting it. (Ringo helped.) Mom stepped in and finished that job, though. Painting Lattice_HouseofGoldThen I mitre-cut the corners and tacked it up. (This is my… “Dad, my arms. Hurry, please” picture-face.)Lattice Frame_HouseofGold

Lennon also decided to assist by holding the floor down.Lennon Helping_HouseofGold

So once the backdrop was up, J came home! YAY! He decided to vacuum out the dryer, because fire hazard. J Cleaning_HouseofGoldAnd then he took crates that I had laying around (some are craft crates, some are free crates we got from ordering veggies), and hung them up. A couple of them required anchors, and a few we got lucky and hit some studs. Hanging Crates_HouseofGoldAnd then everyone looked at me like I was a complete weirdo because I decorated the shelves all up. Laundry Area Redo_HouseofGoldLaundry Crate Complete_HouseofGold

And hung a wreath.

Laundry Detail_HouseofGold

Officially, this project was completely free. And here’s a before/after, in case you desperately needed it: Before After Laundry_HouseofGold

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7 thoughts on “Making Laundry Fun Again!

  1. So good. Now, you can come do mine! I need a light and a step stool and a rabbit in a hat with a bat. Sorry, I sometimes break into raps.

  2. I SO need to do a laundry room update! We need a new washer and dryer but the new ones won’t fit in our space… so some major updates are in the future. I’ve always wanted to tear down a wall. hehehe.

  3. lennon is the cutest! and i love the backdrop! it looks amazing! there is a reason my laundry room has never been on my blog…. because it’s my hidden gem. kidding- because it’s awful.

  4. What a fun idea to create the backdrop! I love Lennon’s little chillaxin’ face. Nice work, buddy!

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