Hide yo trash.

Remember when I was all… Hey! J is going to make this awessommmeee thing that hides our ugly trash cans! Because it looked all like this:

Screen Marking_HouseofGoldAnd so he did manly things and then there was this:

Yard Screen Lattice_HouseofGoldAnd then I said… we just have to finish trimming it out and then paint it! Woo! Yay! Exclamation mark! And then that was FOUR MONTHS AGO?

Well. J trimmed it out about two months ago. But then it sat some more. Oh but then I planted this little daisy thing that is supposed to grow big and strong and become the President one day. And then I painted 1/4 of it before we had to go somewhere for the day. (Probably the beach.) And then I went to HAVEN and met new people and got overwhelmed and then danced and it was okay?

Well. Then we came home from the ATL and Mom didn’t even say anything about it. But she did this.

Yard Screen Again_HouseofGold Yard Screen Detail_HouseofGold Yard Screen Complete_HouseofGoldBut then I got sad again because we are still lacking in the whole “grass” thing, so I photoshopped some in. And now it’s finished.

Yard Screen with Grass_HouseofGoldLet’s just check that one off as “forever done.” I hope.


9 thoughts on “Hide yo trash.

  1. Your mom is a genius. That flower has my vote for El Presidente. And you don’t even have to cut Photoshopped grass. Now, isn’t that nice?

  2. perfect solution!!!! i was going to say something to you about your trash being in my line of view, but thank goodness you’ve fixed it. 😉 looks awesome and you could even grow pretty vine flowers on it.

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