A Home for An Egg.

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed some talk of an investment we made last December. I got a bonus at work, and decided that this bonus would go straight into an investment for my future. You see, my gift was purely selfish. I gave J a Big Green Egg. That I could eat things off of. And he’s perfectly content to cook on it almost every day, especially now that we bought a giant deck to put it on. We planned a spot specifically for the egg. See?

Final Deck Plan_HouseofGoldBGE’s are crazy things. They are basically like little grill-ovens that weigh about 4,000 pounds. J had me, at one point, helping him carry this egg around the yard to prep for the deck. He is loco. I am loco for saying yes. (It took 4 of the deck mens to carry that up the stairs, btw.) Regardless, there are all kinds of attachments and funny things that you can buy for the egg. Of course. You can buy a rolling metal stand thing like this (an egg, if you will):

Or you can build a table. Like a man. J got together with his buddy, who also received an egg, and while it snowed (in February), they built their tables together. (Man-bonding, is what you call that.) I think they found the plans somewhere online, and modified a bit to suit their desires. Table Build_HouseofGoldThe egg “nests” in the table, right in this little hole:Egg Hole_HouseofGold

*At the time, we didn’t have a router. But now we do. This would have been a good project for a router.

But, you see, the table was pressure-treated wood, and needed some finishing touches. And it got a little burned. You can kinda see it here, as it is doing its magical thing. #AMERICA.Chiefing_HouseofGold

Ergo, the table needed some kind of sealer. We had a ton of leftover sealer-paint from the window boxes and shutters, so J decided to just use that. So he took last Sunday morning and slapped some paint on the table. (The egg is sad, looking at its empty nest. It’s an empry-nester.)Egg Stained_HouseofGold

Bada-bam-bada-bing, it’s done.Egg Nest Complete_HouseofGold

So, as I mentioned, the Egg has a multitude of attachments and accessories. Here are a few of J’s favorites. (Affiliate links, coming at you!)

J has a tendency to burn himself. On just about anything. So this guy helps out with that.

He uses this guy every single time, to start up the charcoals.

He also uses a similar thermometer to this guy, to make sure everything is A-Okay.

Dad got J this cookbook for his birthday. I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with anything in here. ESPECIALLY the bacon-avocado-salsa. It will change your life.

This guy is next on the “to-buy” list. Burgers can get pretty greasy and it’s just not good to have grease on your shirt.


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