The story of a new door.

Noooow this here’s a story all about how I…  watched other people install a door. And how I slept through the majority of it also. NAPS, people. We showed you the original back door guy when the deck happened. And we also told you that it would be replaced. I loved the style of it (you know, character and all), but it definitely didn’t seal out any of the weather, it had some pre-holes from where our Carpenter-Bee friends bored in, and it basically just reached the end of its useful life. So Dad and J came back from Home Depot one afternoon with a door. They said they were going to install it “real quick”. Before people came over to watch the World Cup. RIGHT. #onenationoneteam

Back Door_HouseofGoldThey popped the old door off real quick, and then started to remove the trim. This required many people. J, to make sure Dad didn’t fall. Mom, to hand Dad some refreshments. And myself, to take photos. Phew. That’s some hard work. Trim Removal_HouseofGold

So with old houses, things get pretty gross. See? Removal_HouseofGoldYears of dirt hanging out inside our house. Door to Ground_HouseofGoldThey then cut a new threshold out of a leftover piece of 1×12 from the deck man. (Pressure treated and such.) They had to notch out the edges and cut one side at an angle, and basically did this step perfectly.

Threshold_HouseofGoldThen they dry-fit the new door. Just to make sure. Door in Place_HouseofGoldThen I fell asleep. Like Rusty, the Narcoleptic Dog. never_get_tired_of_rusty_the_narcoleptic_dog-5473When I woke up, they were still at it. They needed lots of shims and wiggling and long screws. BTW, most of the screws stripped. Entonces, I have no progress shots. But basically, it was soccer time, the door wasn’t exactly correct, and, well… it at least closed with the deadbolt. So we left it at that.

BTW, we bought a new knob/ deadbolt set a few weeks prior from Amazon. (It matches our front door knob, and we can re-key it ourselves to match the front!) Affiliate link here: Kwikset Juno Entry Knob and Deadbolt Combo Pack featuring SmartKey in Venetian Bronze

Later in the week, Mom and Dad came back and re-jiggered it, so now it works. Then Mom sealed everything up with caulk and trim. And viola! A door! Back Door Complete_HouseofGold

Lennon thinks it’s particularly fun.     Lennon Door_HouseofGold


8 thoughts on “The story of a new door.

  1. I watched my dad instll a new front door. Took him all weekend. Then our neighbors tried it last weekend. Again the whole weekend. Brent and I have decided to always pay someone else 🙂 great job on the door!

  2. You people are amazing! Naps and all. Now come to my house because all the cool air is escaping and we’re not so handy dandy.

  3. Hi. Did your home have knotty pine walls as well? If so, did you paint over them and how? Your kitchen looks amazing! Your blog was so helpful. I am currently in the process of remodeling my kitchen, which also has the original wall oven and counter range along with knotty pine cabinets.

    Marie J.

    • Hey, Marie!

      One room had knotty pine walls… for both, we just used kilz to cover them up, and didn’t have any problems with bleed-through. Sometimes, though, I’ve heard that you can lightly sand and spackle over the knots before you use a stain-blocking primer, and you should be good to go. Good luck with your kitchen reno!!

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