Anthropologie Knock-Off Magnets

This is a story that began a long time ago. Perhaps four years ago. One of my bff’s bought me these awesome magnets… maybe for a bridesmaid gift? I don’t remember, exactly. (Megan, verify?!) Of course I loved them, because they sparkled and had glitter and all that goodness. Being the kind of person that has a hard time buying a $5 marker, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around buying more. And yet, I felt the need in my heart for more. You know, like people do.

DIY Anthro Magnets_HouseofGold Fast forward to almost-two years ago to the morning of my wedding, when Aunt Amy showed up and gifted me with Grandma’s jewelry box. Mind you, Grandma passed away in 2000, some 12ish years earlier. Aunt Amy was holding on to these treats that entire time. Which means she’s awesome. In this glorious box of jewels, I found treasures galore! Rings! Necklaces! Earrings! The only problem with these earrings is that they were all clip-ons.


Clip-on earrings >>>> Anthropologie knock-off magnets. Sorry if I just blew your mind for a second. I’ll give it some time to recover.

cookie_monster_waiting Okay. Now that you’ve recovered, I’m going to blow your mind again by telling you that this project took around 15 minutes, start to finish. (Again, I’ll wait for you to recover.)Cookie Monster Waiting_2

First and longest step? Heat up the glue gun.

Now, gather fun earrings. (Actually, that sparkly one on the top right is a shoe clip. Those work, too. Or you could even use a brooch.)Earrings_HouseofGoldThen, remove any of the clips from the clip-on thingamajig.Clip on to Magnet_HouseofGold

Take a magnet. (Here’s an affiliate link for you: BYKES 10 Neodymium Magnets Strong Magnets Refrigerator Magnets Super Strong Rare Earth Magnets 1/2 x 1/4 x 1/8 inch Ring N48 )Magnets_HouseofGold

Glue magnet to the back.Magnet On_HouseofGold

Let it set up.

DONE!!Anthro Magnet Finished_HouseofGoldMagnets Complete_HouseofGold

Curious to know which ones were Anthropologie, and which ones I made? I made the top ones. The bottom row is all anthro. Yay.DIY Anthro Magnets_HouseofGoldLinking up with Upcycled Treasures! Burlap and Babies! Thrifty Decor Chick!


18 thoughts on “Anthropologie Knock-Off Magnets

  1. Those were a belated Christmas pres-y…which gave you in January when you came down for my wedding. And I just thought Anthro made them especially for you–which obvi they did.

  2. So cute! I really love this idea. Glad I found your blog while visiting other Haven Newbies! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to meeting you next week.

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  4. How or what did you use to remove the clip part of the earring? I thought they might be soldered on. Thanks. Julie

    • They actually were soldered on. But I just clipped off the part that clamps to the ear, and left the soldered part (if that makes sense). I just used a heavy duty pair of snips to cut it. Hope that helps!

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