Back to {the} Back!

I knew when Mom and Dad arrived, the backyard would get a little bit of attention. Namely because we would be sitting outside on the new deck quite a bit, looking at it. In addition to a few other projects in the que, the back corner of the yard needed a good bit of help.The boat killed off some grass, the dogs hunt for moles, etc etc etc.Sad Yard_HouseofGoldPrior to their arrival, J built me a box for my garden. Just a simple square out of 2×8’s, placed on the ground. I filled it with newspapers (I hear that kills off weeds?), and let that sit for a few days. Garden Box_HouseofGold Then I picked up some garden soil. Here’s Ringo proving that last statement. But he wouldn’t sit still for his beauty shot. Rude. Ringo with Soil_HouseofGoldI filled my garden with soil, and then some plants. Peppers, radishes, onions, zucchini, and lettuce, to be precise. Look at them grow! Yay.

Second project. Remember when I went thrifting with my friend Jessica? Well, I bought this watering can. It’s fun. But I wanted it to be a planter. Because… I did. This is the hardest tutorial ever. Ready? Poke holes in the bottom. Fill with some rocks (to help with drainage). Add soil. Then a flower. Done.Watering Can Holes_HouseofGoldAlso, Ed can’t be bothered with this either. Watering Can Before_HouseofGold

Watering Can After_HouseofGold(Sorry for the bad pic. It was raining, we had people coming over, etc etc etc.)

So third. Back to the area by the garden. It was completely filled up with weeds and groundcover that was weird and may or may not have been where the dogs decided to relieve themselves… Needless to say, I just didn’t quite have the gas to finish this job. Sad Yard Two_HouseofGold Enter: Mom and Dad. Dad grabbed a shovel, I grabbed the pooper scooper, and within 30 minutes, we had the place cleaned out.Dad Digging_HouseofGoldWeeding_HouseofGold

Mom brought up some plants from Aunt Joan’s house in TN, so she planted them in the newly-cleaned up space.Digging After_HouseofGold

Now? I’d like to add a bit of pine straw and some stepping stones. I think. Maybe. Or maybe it just needs to grow in, so there’s some color back there. Yeah, I think that’s it.

Anyone? Ideas?


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