Spicing up the Bedroom

In addition to the whole uglylamps thing, I was bored with the rest of the room. Which is surprising. I mean, what’s not to love about Grey walls, mismatched artwork and half-hearted decorating? Left to its own devices for a year and a half, mind you. Blahhhhh.

Bed Wall Before_HouseofGold End Wall Before_HouseofGoldIt gets quite dusty in there, with three dogs that believe it is also their bedroom (Ringo sleeps under the bed, Lennon sleeps in the closet, and Ed sleeps next to my side of the bed), so I knew I was going to have to cut back on the whole clutter situation. (See the air purifier in that picture above? Yup. Have to clean it out A LOT.) And… if we’re being honest, all the jewelry and sparkly things just aren’t J’s style. So.

I was wandering around homegoods last week, and came across a whale. A wooden whale meant to hang on a wall. That’ll do, donkey. I decided to put him above the bed, and then surround the bed with some wooden buoys we found at an antique mall in Augusta. Headboard Wall_HouseofGold¬† Nightsand_HouseofGold Opposite that wall, I hung up some wooden canoes we found at an antique mall in Atlanta (but still had the stickers on them from Restoration Hardware..?!?). And basically de-cluttered the top of the little armoire, but added a fishermandude. He’s from a yardsale here in our neighborhood.MBR Wall_HouseofGoldVIgnette on Dresser_HouseofGoldReading Corner_HouseofGold

And on the wall leading in to the bathroom, I hung up our wooden fish. I’m pretty sure they were purchased at the same time/ place as the wooden buoys in Augusta.Fish Wall_HouseofGold

Don’t you worry, though. I left one of the walls full of sparkly things.Bling Wall_HouseofGold

Anyone else doin a little redecorating?

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5 thoughts on “Spicing up the Bedroom

  1. Love the changes and the nautical look. Any man would be proud!!!! Glad you kept your Glitz though. Now you can both be comfy!!

  2. Cute! It’s really amazing how placing just a couple things on the wall can really change the look of the whole room! Thanks so much for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

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