Goodbye, Ugly Lamps.

Today, I’m going to take you on a journey. A journey from “whoa, those are ugly lamps” to “omg, those are soooo cuuuuuuteeeeee.” You see, back when I re-made some artwork in our bedroom, I started looking around the rest of the room and got sad. No art on the other walls. Just plain old grey. And these lamps. Didn’t match a daggum thing, but I figured I should paint something mint/ aqua, because that’s what pinterest wants. LIES FROM THE DEVIL. The lights looked dumb.

Lamp Before_HouseofGoldI looked at said lamp for a while. And I knew. I just knew. Thinky FaceAfter I sat in a slump on the floor, wallowing in the ugly-room-self-pity, I decided to do something about it.

First up, the lamps. Stupid lamps that were throwin off my vibe. I ordered some twine-y stuff, sat down with a glue gun, and got a little crazy.


Pretty easy. Lots of glue. Then rope. Then glue, rope, glue, rope, etc. (Btw, I used a LOTTTTT of glue. Like, at least 30 sticks.)First Steps_HouseofGold

Oh. Right. Ran out of 100′ of rope. ON ONE LAMP. Sheesh. So I ordered two more rolls to finish off both lamps. And that took me approximately 4 more days to complete, because Amazon does not have drone service yet. (Can we make that happen, please?)Not Enough_HouseofGold

But I pressed on. Because I’m a survivor. Rope Lamp_HouseofGold

Yay for new (but not really) lamps!


Linking up with Upcycled Treasures! Burlap and Babies! Remodelaholic!


5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Ugly Lamps.

  1. Couldn’t have done it without those bright finger nails. Need it track where you are so you don’t loose your place…

  2. Love the lamp makeover! I’ve added twine to a few projects when they just don’t feel “right”. Would love if you want to link this up over at our Motivational Monday link party on Burlap and Babies.


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