Gobo! GObo! goBO!

I’m a big fan of creating your own artwork that’s meaningful. As long as it isn’t a bunch of trash taped to a wall, it’s usually good enough to hang. Mehhh, maybe. I think I take that back. Sometimes art is terrible. But that’s another subject for another day.   Whatever.

When J and I got married, he insisted that we upgrade the venue’s lighting package to get a gobo. What, you say, is a gobo? It’s a little metal disc that gets placed inside a spotlight, which then creates an image in the sky/ air/ tree. Kind of like how the Bat-Signal happens. With a gobo. Anyway. If you haven’t figured it out by now, J’s key phrase is “You Got Gold, Boy”, which doubles as his instagram handle. And, duh, since I married in to the family, I Got Gold Boy… #igotgoldboy (my instagram handle).

In designing this gobo, I laid out a few font options for J to choose from, and he selected this. And it was awesome.

You Got Gold GoboWell, after the wedding, we got the gobo back. I mean, it was a custom image laser-cut into metal… not really something they’ll use again. And since I designed it, the hoarder in me wanted to keep it. I also figured we could use it as artwork somewhere along the line. And we did.

First, I looked in my box-o-frames for a suitable little guy. I picked a simple square frame that had to be spray painted white, but the size was perfect.Frame Box_HouseofGoldThen I took the spacing cardboard piece and trimmed a piece of red cardstock to size. (Note how fancy I am, with a fancy paper cutter on a fancy torn-up rug.)Background Trim_HouseofGold

I took my favorite glue, slapped it on both surfaces (let both surfaces dry for about 30 seconds or so), and stickumed the GOBO to the center of the paper. Mounting Gobo_HouseofGold

DONE. Art!

YouGotGoldFrame_HouseofGoldLinking up with Carrie This Home!


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