Prettifying the front: Done!

Guys, I’m so happy to report that the front of our house has officially been prettified. Remember when we constructed wood shutters, but they had to dry out before we could finish them? But in the meantime, we made window boxes and filled them with flowers? Well. The shutters dried out, so we painted them. And then they dried. So we hung them. Shutter Overall_HouseofGoldAnd then we went to the beach to celebrate.

We painted them with the same stuff we used for the window boxes, which is Behr Weather Proofing Wood Stain. It went on pretty thick, but we opted to go ahead and do two coats just to make sure we got full coverage.Exterior Stain_HouseofGold

I removed the old shutters (which were NASTY), by simply unscrewing them. I had to get rid of some old Yellow Jacket’s nests and some spiderwebs before I could even think about getting ready to hang the new guys. Also, this is a 2-person job. A 2-person job for when you’re both not hungry and not tired. Don’t worry. We finished, we hugged it out, and we’re happy with the results (and each other:)).Old Shutters_HouseofGold So, I basically held the shutters up in place, J made sure they were level, then pre-drilled holes. First in the shutters, then in the brick. And then he used masonry screws to keep them in place. (Remember my failed attempt at hanging a hose reel without masonry screws? UGH.) We also discovered that a couple of them needed anchors, and a couple we used the preexisting anchors from the previous shutters.Shutter Install_HouseofGold

Oh, and then I redecorated the front porch. You know, since it’s summertime and all.Porch Chairs_HouseofGold

We’re super-happy with the curb appeal now. Of course, there’s lots more to do, but in the meantime, we’ll just enjoy these. Shutter Complete_HouseofGold

Here’s the before and after… because it’s fun to see them next to each other.Before After Shutters_HouseofGold


6 thoughts on “Prettifying the front: Done!

    • Haha! Be careful when you take them off- it’s SUPER gross… like, cobwebs, old yellow jacket hives, and overall nast hanging out. But it looks so much better, even with the plastic ones down!

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