We bought a Deck.

After much thought, budgeting, stress’n, planning, and the like, we did it. We bit the bullet and paid someone to build us a big, fancy deck. And it’s worth every penny. If you remember back to when we were throwing out ideas, we went through a bunch of layouts. And sadness over the broken-down patio. Back Patio Before_HouseofGold

And another one for good measure. Sad Yard_HouseofGold

So when the Deck Man showed up to give J a final estimate, he helped sway us in the direction of making a bump-out. But instead of making an Octagonal-type shape, he went with a simple square. It’s hip to be square.       Final Deck Plan_HouseofGold Fast forward to last Friday morning, when we were getting ready to take the buddies for a walk. The Lowes man showed up and dumped a pile of wood in our side yard. And it was awesome. Wood Delivery_HouseofGold

Then when I was leaving for work, the mens started showing up. And it was even more awesome. Luckily, my work is pretty great and has instituted “Summer Hours”, which means that they like us and let us build up our hours Monday-Thursday, so we can leave at noon on Friday. So by the time I got home, this is what I saw. Me-Ow to the shirtless man.Early Build_HouseofGold

And they were done by 5. Literally. DONE. And they even lifted the Egg to it’s final home. Which was, quite possibly, the kindest thing worker-mens have ever done for me. I gave them beers.Railings Completed_HouseofGold

We were so, so pleased with their craftsmanship. They routed (router-ed?) every edge, they used cedar planks along the bottom, and they even put on these fancy solar light things (that probably cost about $2/each, but it impressed me nonetheless). Deck Seam_HouseofGoldWood Party_HouseofGoldDeck from Door_HouseofGoldI want it all to be COMPLETELY done, but it’s not. We have to replace the back door. We have to caulk/ sand/ scrape/ paint the fascia, we have to seal/ stain/ paint the deck after it dries out, we have to build an awesome table… you know. More projects! Viva la projects! Back Door_HouseofGoldBut in the meantime, we’re pretty sinkin happy with the way this turned out. Before After Deck_HouseofGold


10 thoughts on “We bought a Deck.

  1. I love that you called them worker mens, and gave them a beer. That is awesome. You have a great deck, that is huge. So much decorating and fun can be had on it

    • GAAAH I’m so overwhelmed with the possibilities! I need rugs and tables and lights and a disco ball and everything! I’ll probably have to take some time off work to sit out there and let it speak to me. 🙂

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