Window Boxes: Check!

**If you follow on Instagram, you may have noticed that we got a deck installed. In a day. We have so much fun things to share with you about our new beast, but I kind of have to take all the photos first. So in the meantime, FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE!**

So a few weeks ago, we were asking for help to decide on our next project. I started here, with building window shutters (but then they had to dry out before I could paint/ stain them). While those were drying out, I decided to go ahead and build our window boxes.How to Window Boxes_HouseofGold

I grabbed a few fence pickets for this project, since they’re cheap (they run about $2/ picket) and we had them laying around. Literally. Laying. In the yard. For each box, I ended up using about 3 pickets, 2-“L” brackets, a nail gun, and some masonry screws. Easy-peasy!      Window Box Construction_HouseofGoldFirst, I cut all my pieces. I wanted the end caps to have a teeeensy bit of detail, so I used the top of the picket. Then I cut three other pieces (all the same size), and nailed them together. The wood can be pretty irregular, so I nailed the ends of the long boards together and then spaced out the middle by shoving a bunch of scraps in until the edges were all flush. Then I nailed the end pieces in place.WindowBox Construction_HouseofGold

We hung one box up (before we ran out of masonry screws), and then I got a wild hair and decided to do the whole herringbone-pattern thing. (Reminiscent of the filing cabinet.)Window Box Complete_HouseofGold

After that sat for about a week, both J and I decided that we weren’t fans, so I removed all of those pieces. Although it was pretty cool up close, it looked unfinished around the edges, and just got to be too busy, with the surrounding bricks. Window Boxes_HouseofGoldOne Window Box Up_HouseofGold

So I removed the one that was installed (a couple of screws on the bottom), and got to painting/staining. We ended up using Behr’s exterior wood stain stuffs, and only needed a sample pot to cover these two. Window Box Painting_HouseofGoldWhile those were drying, J started the installation process on the remaining box. Each box took two “L” brackets (I think they were about $2/ each), and is held in place with Masonry Screws. I wanted the brackets to be hidden, although I’ve seen some pretty cool window boxes that have visible brackets. Also, we could easily remove/ replace the boxes if they start getting nasty (by removing the screws connecting the box to the brackets). Window Box Brackets_HouseofGoldAfter that, I drilled a couple of drainage holes in the bottom of each box, filled it with potting soil and some flowers, and VIOLA! Two happy windows!

Window Box Complete Painted_HouseofGoldWindow Box Flowers_HouseofGoldLinking up with Upcycled Treasures! Remodelaholic!


13 thoughts on “Window Boxes: Check!

  1. I agree with you, the simple boxes are the better choice. The first design was cool, but the simpler one allows you to focus on the plants, rather than the container. The grey is perfect too. You did a wonderful job!

  2. I’m the one who cheers my boyfriend on while he makes our home more and more stunning one project at a time. He loved how you matched the grey with the brick. He agrees that it’s a much better option with the shutters. Bravo!

  3. these are so cute. I want to add window boxes to the windows in my backyard. They are smaller and the house looks so plain to me. You did a great job on them!

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