Succulents, Birdcage. Round Three.

You know how I like to keep it real, right? Like how I’ll tell you when a project is a total failure, or if I hate the way something looks, or if I need to redo something? Consider this one of those times.

The pretty little succulent birdcage planter thing I made a year or so ago? Real fun.

porch_SucculentsEvery single plant in there died. Like, rotted from the inside out, fell over, and died.

And then I went on to round two, with moss. Hoping that it would turn in to a fairy garden. MossyBirdcage

DEAD. Shriveled up into a tiny brown clump.

Here’s round three. I figured I have a couple of problems going on with that initial mess. First, I allowed about 1/4″ (depth-wise) for anything to grow. That’s probably not enough soil for anything to grow big and strong. Just a hunch, though.

Second, I was most likely using the wrong potting soil. I was using the regular old run-of-the-mill kind. This time, though, I bought the right stuff. I hope. It’s for dry/desert plants. (Which is what succulents are.) I’m also planning on severely neglecting them and not watering for weeks on end. Why, you ask? Desert plants. They don’t like a lot of water.

Third, I didn’t talk to them enough. Maybe plants need a little bit of encouragement too? I dunno. Or maybe they just need wine. I haven’t decided. REGARDLESS.

I built a small box first. And then I filled it with rocks. And just for the fun of it, I clipped out the bottom wires of the birdcage– just in case I wanted to put a plant where the wire was. Succulent Box_HouseofGoldAnd then I looked at it and thought… “Self? DANGIT. Not deep enough.” So then I took some old fence pickets and scrap pieces of painted wood and nailed them to the original box.

Succulent Box Constructed_HouseofGoldAnd then I filled it in with more potting soil.

And then I went shopping. I took at least 15 minutes deciding on my plants. They all look like fun. But I ended up with these guys, because they were like $3 each. And I can’t risk it again. I just can’t. SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT PLANTS. So then I placed them where I wanted them to be.     Succulents Placed_HouseofGoldPlants Yay_HouseofGold

And then I finished my project. YAY.Succulent Garden Complete_HouseofGoldSucculent Planter_HouseofGold


3 thoughts on “Succulents, Birdcage. Round Three.

  1. I love the idea of planting in a bird cage! Did you paint it blue? It’s so cute! I’m on a winning streak with succulents solely by the grace of God, because I don’t know if I’m doing anything right. They keep on going though, so I’m just going to keep on keeping on with them. Love this!

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