The EveryDayNess

Today is J’s bday. I remember, before we were married, looking forward to just being with him. I wanted the normal, every-day-ness of it all. I wanted to get bored with him. There is so much joy in being by his side. My heart- on the daily- feels like it may explode with pride for him. I’m so so glad to be his Wifey. #married4lyf

So. The normal every-dayness of life? I’m always super-interested to see how others spend their days. Like, possibly even in a creepy way. I mean… WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE DO ALL DAY?!? So here it is: a typical weekday for me.

5:30am- alarm goes off. Lennon gets super excited that I’m awake, so snoozing is pretty pointless. Although I do it anyway. I jiggle Ed to wake him (since he’s mostly deaf), throw some clothes on and let the animals outside. While all three animals are taking care of things, I put food in their bowls, and usually start folding/ washing/ sorting laundry.

6:00am- I wake up J (with the help of Lennon), and get in the shower while the dogs take their first naps of the day. J will make the coffee and put dishes away from last night’s dinner. IMG_28907:00am- J and I walk the three animals (just a quick loop around the block, which seems to keep them from eating the furniture).Dog Walks_HouseofGold

7:20-7:40am- Eat breakfast/ finish getting ready. J and I usually split the breakfast-making duties, depending on what we’re eating. I’m not allowed to make eggs anymore. (Seriously, one little #foodfail, and you get banned for life?!)

7:40am- Leave for work

8-12:30- WORK. I’m a Marketing Coordinator for an Architecture & Interior Design firm in town… which means I write a lot of proposals, manage their social media, sometimes blog for them, etc etc etc.WORK_HouseofGold

12:30-1:30- I try to take lunch breaks, but that usually means I sit at my desk and write posts for this blog, edit pictures, and get things prepped and ready for the rest of the week.

1:30-5:00pm- same same. Worky work

5:30pm- The dogs are also super excited to see that we’re home! YAY! They figured we left them forever! (This is suuuper shaky and 9 months old, but it’s still the same routine.)

They all go outside to run around and then eat their dinner and do some more running, if it’s nice.

About 2 days/week, J and I try to get a round of Insanity in. (Which we do in the garage.) So while we’re sweating to the oldies, I’ll usually also have a load of laundry going. Laundry Workout_HouseofGold

If we don’t end up doing Insanity, we’ll try to maybe take the two younger dogs on a fast/ long walk, go hit golf balls, or some other kind of activity.Running Shoes_HouseofGold

6:30pm- Usually the time that we get to start eating. Depending on what we’re having for dinner, and how long it takes to cook. This is usually when we catch up on the day, talk about anything we need to talk about (budget/ schedule/ how old people play golf), and/or notice how weird the animals are.Dinner_HouseofGold

7:30pm- If I have a project that I really want to work on, I have a golden hour of opportunity here. This is the one hour that things either get started or my body decides to shut down and rest. J usually checks emails, run searches, or does a couple other work-related things (being in real estate means you have to be flexible with your schedule) orrr he practices some singing and guitar-ing, if he’s leading Worship at Church the following Sunday.

2014-05-10 17.34.388:30pm- We reconvene and usually watch a show. THE GOOD WIFEEEEE. This is when things get really exciting around here. Dance Parties, Singing Competitions, Home Run Derbys… Or we might just eat some ice cream on our front porch. IMG_2290

9:30-10:30pm- Depending on how tired we are (or if we worked out), we’ll call it a day. LIGHTS OUT, NOBODY’S HOME.


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