Trip Minutes.

A friend of mine likes to take “trip minutes”… a play-by-play of how the trip went. I kept the minutes to strictly the times when J and I (and Ed) were in the car. So here’s your glimpse into what happened on our drive to/ from GA.

April 29

1:45pm – Started Driving

2:15pm – called Mother

3:00pm – noticed Ed has chewed off ends of neckerchief (he is still quite handsome)


3:17pm – Talked about old people playing golf. Included actions

3:20pm – Broke down and started listening to talk radio

4:04pm – Kenley, NC has Caribou. Also, Ed peed.

4:25pm – J just got yelled at for playing a full set of air drums. While driving. In the rain.

4:29pm – Tornado warning. Advised to seek shelter.

5:18pm – Decided on future hypothetical heir’s name.

5:32pm – Put on sunglasses for the first time today.


6:48pm – 23 miles until empty

7:42pm – Noticed that third banana is unsalvageable.

8:41pm – Multi-colored lights in carwash. Evans, GA

9:14pm – Neighbor’s fountain is complete and working. Took at least 3 years.

April 30

7:53am – Chick-fil-a + Starbucks. Ed is enjoying being an only child.

May 1

6:47am – Everything hurts. 2br, 2ba, kitchen have one coat of paint.

May 2

4:42pm – Headed to ATL. Paint in hair. Ed is good… just drank water. Quoted from earlier: “I don’t eat much bread. The only bread worth eatin’ is cornbread.”


5:14pm – If Ringo was able to talk, J would discuss stocks with him.

May 4

10:28am – Just left coffeehouse. Learned about Dancing with Cats. Contemplated whether or not Ed would dance. Answer: NO.

dancing-cat1:37pm – Surprised Baird, late lunch in Charlotte

1:42pm – Bike race in Downtown Charlotte.

5:53pm – Passed Nutbush

6:03pm – Entered The Commonwealthtop-gun-high-five_o_GIFSoup.com_

6:33pm – Discussed stopping at Cracker Barrel for dinner; decided Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken & Dumplings, or Biscuits (in general) were not gf. Continued to home.

8:14pm – Impatiently driving to see the animals.


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