Augusta: Home of the Masters. And our Rental.

Right after J graduated from College, he purchased a cute little historic home in Augusta. Luckily for him, the previous owner had dropped some cash into the house and remodeled a good bit of it. After J moved up to Virginia Beach, he started a new phase in his life: landlord. While he manages (and sells) property full-time, he was never a landlord himself. After three rounds of tenants, we decided it was time to get some work done down there, so we took a week off to do some manual labor.Augusta_Exterior

Before we left, we figured a few things were on our list:

  • Paint (none of the interior walls had received a coat of paint since 2005… and they needed it pretty badly.)
  • Augusta just had a pretty bad ice storm (aka. Snowmageddon), so we figured there would be some yard debris to take care of.
  • Before our last (awesome) tenants left, we were informed there was some light filtering through the roof in the attic, so we assumed there was some work to be done up there.
  • This house uses window units and gas heat– we knew a couple of the window units needed replacing.
  • The shed doors were in bad need of repair, so we figured we’d have to replace them.

This house is so fun because of all the details. The hall bath has hex tiles, every room has big chunky framing around the windows and doors, most of the rooms have original glass knobs on the doors, and the hardwoods throughout are original (refinished just last year!).

The hallway just required some patching and paint. But dannnng if I don’t want to have some fun with that little telephone-nook. (That’s the bottom right picture.)Rental Details_HouseofGold

The front bedroom received two coats of paint, a new window unit, and a little bit of blue paint in the fireplace.Front Bedroom_HouseofGold

The hall bathroom received a new toilet, paint, and caulk. The old toilet was crazy. Like– tank secured to the wall, with a galvanized pipe connecting it to the bowl (and it didn’t really flush well anymore). We figured that was a call to the plumber that could easily be avoided by just replacing the entire toilet. Hall Bath_HouseofGold

The Master Bedroom: New window unit, two coats of paint. I would have loved to repaint the trim (it totally needs it), but we ran out of time. Master Bedroom Rental_HouseofGold

The Master Bathroom: New toilet, paint, caulk, cleaned behind the W/DMaster Bath_HouseofGold

The Kitchen received a fresh coat of paint. Everything else seemed to be in good working order.

Rental Kitchen_HouseofGoldKitchen Stove Wall_HouseofGoldKitchen Hallway_HouseofGoldWe just plain old ran out of time in the living room. Otherwise, I would have loved to paint the room. And, how awesome would the back room be with a crystal-y chandelier?! Oh, but we did get rid of a giant entertainment center via craigslist. I guess we can consider that a win, right? Living Room Rental_HouseofGold

So glad to have that complete.

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7 thoughts on “Augusta: Home of the Masters. And our Rental.

  1. This house is adorable, where were these beautiful gems of homes when I was renting. I don’t know if I would have moved out. I love the vintage features in this house

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