Dealbreakers, Volume 1

The vote for the next project is neck in neck… so we’re just going to go for both! More on that in the coming weeks, after I get a game plan together. Thanks for taking the time to vote and/or comment!!

Dealbreakers. Everyone has them. Most of mine (USED TO) deal with the following:

  • Must not live at home.
  • Must recognize that sweatpants are not acceptable to wear in public.
  • Must never even hint at chewing with his mouth open. And/or slurping.
  • Must purchase my coffee when on a coffee date.
  • Must not have his name written on the side of his car.

This time, though, we’re talking about what I look for (and don’t look for) when I go thrifting. A deal-thrift-breaker, if you will. We talked about Estate Sales and how to come out victorious with those, but today, we’re going to dig a little deeper.How to Thrift_HouseofGold

  1. Bring a friend! My friend Jessica and I set off for a day of adventure. That’s your first rule of thumb. Go with a friend. And get lattes. And/or treats. Because, duh. (She’s cute, isn’t she? OFF LIMITS, GUYS. SHE’S MARRIED. #4lyf)  Jessica_HouseofGold
  2. Take a lap. We first tackled a flea market of sorts that she had heard about from a friend of hers. So our first step was to take a lap around. Of course, there were things that caught our eye, but we also wanted to get a feel for the whole deal. After our first round (and saying hello to her friend), we decided to jump in.
  3. Know your wallet. I found some wicked-awesome brass deer that were originally $5 each. The key to bargaining is to know exactly how much cash you have in your wallet, and in what denominations. If you only have $20s, you probably won’t have as much bargaining power. For me, I had a $5 bill and two $1 bills. Ergo, I offered $7 for the both of them. And SOLD. I purchased two unnecessary deer that I wanted to hug. What isn’t worth it (but is still pretty stinking awesome?)… a used fancy couch for $1200.Fancy Couch_HouseofGold
  4. Pay attention to similar items. Throughout the morning, I saw numerous galvanized watering cans, which I wanted to use as a planter. I picked the one with the widest opening for flowers to gloriously spill forth from, and snatched it up for $5.
  5. Bring a tape measure! I was also on the lookout for a mirror for the [semi-recently completed] master bathroom. Here’s a tip: know precisely you’re looking for– I wanted something with fancy scrollwork or filigree, but it needed to fit in a specific area. Entonces, we took a tape measure with us. If the mirror didn’t fit, it was out of the running. Mirrors_HouseofGold*Adios, reflectors. (Spoiler: I found one. Just not either of these!)*
  6. See the potential! Another item on our list was a table and chairs for our bachelor friend. While I see the potential with these fantastic chairs (imagine the colors!!), this isn’t going to work out for a dudebro. Also, it was like $250. Nope.Table and Chairs_HouseofGold
  7. Some things are fun, but they’re just too much work. Or they’re junk. Either way. Fun chairs! Paint! Fabric! One for pots, one for heineys! Both just too much work. Chairs_HouseofGold
  8. Sometimes you will get suckered. In all reality, you don’t actually need brass deer. But they’re cool. And they fit in your house. So you buy them.
  9. These things are fun! I have a tendency for tunnel-vision and only pay attention to what I need. I forget that this is a perfect chance to interact with people and have fun!! Some of the people selling things at flea markets are bored out of their minds. It’s okay to laugh with strangers.
  10. Sometimes you end up with weird things. Like a pair of boots. But they were $5, and I don’t have winter boots, but I’m a little bit creeped out by wearing someone else’s shoes, but I do it at the bowling alley, so this should be fine. Phew.

Brass Deer_HouseofGoldAnyone else have some useful tips?


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10 thoughts on “Dealbreakers, Volume 1

  1. I think we might have that exact set of deer. Got them at an estate sale, but can’t remember what I paid for them. Gotta say, your bargaining tactics are sound.

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  3. Totally impressed by your bargaining skills. I tried to bargain for a set of brass storks a couple months ago and was rejected, but it still felt awesome to try it out.

    The table and chairs set could be so much fun!

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