Reader vote: It’s up to you!

I’m having trouble focusing as of late. I mean, the kitchen is done. The deck is in the works… and, well… I just don’t know what to do with myself.

DistractedSo it’s up to you, friends. Help me! I can’t decide which project to do next!! And they all could use a little love. But I don’t want to spend a lot of money fixing these spaces. So each project will have a max of $100. How’s that? The projects in the running:

The laundry area. It currently looks like this. (Literally. Took the picture last night. It’s sad.)

Laundry Garage_HouseofGold I’d like to:

  • Fix the wall behind the W/D sink area (tape + mud)
  • Add more functional shelving
  • Paint/ Wall Treatment
  • Lighting? That fluorescent light used to be in the kitchen. And now it’s broken. Soooooo.
  • Raise the W/D?
  • Make the sink a little nicer to look at. Sorry, sink. You are feo.

The closets need some help. We’ll speak specifically to the linen closet this time. (The linen closet is at the end of the hallyway, right outside the hall bathroom.)Linen Closet_HouseofGold

I’d like to:

  • Paint
  • Reorganize
  • Add a bit of fun

Time to give our place some more curb appeal.Exterior_2013

  • Replace the shutters with new [homemade] ones
  • Add window boxes (with flowerrrrssss)
  • Paint the mailbox?

So? People? Help me. HALP.


Just clicky one of those little boxes… or add another project to the list! Lemme know. Kthanksbye.

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9 thoughts on “Reader vote: It’s up to you!

  1. I voted for the outdoor area because if you are going to do it at all this year, now it the time to do it to get the longest enjoyment from your new plants. Also, this weekend would be perfect weather for painting shutters – if it’s too hot the paint can bubble. Adding some color to the porch with a bright rug and new chairs could help a lot too! Good luck!

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