Artwork, Round Two.

Remember this project that I was kind of proud of?Flowers_Hangning Turns out, I hated it from the very second it was photographed. Maybe even before that. But, like most projects, I needed to get it out of my system, let it reside in my heart that I did, in fact, hate it, and then develop a plan for something I liked better.

The frame is tiny (narrow and unimpresive), and it somehow drew a parallel in my brain to this:

I don’t know. Just go with it. I don’t know how these brain-things work.

Anyway, I hated it. And when we were cleaning out some more things in the attic, I remembered this window. Its traveled the world with me. And when I say “world”, I mean Virginia Beach> Richmond> Texas> Virginia Beach. So.Frame Before_HouseofGold

It actually used to be part of an old door and a friend cut it out for me, thinking that I could find a use for it. This friend now lives in South Africa with his family. I just wanted to say that because it makes me sound cool to have friends that live in South Africa.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to use some chicken wire in a project (is that weird?), so I had to first bust out all of the glass panels. Frame Supplies_HouseofGoldHere’s where captain safety comes in:

  1. Make sure you spread something out underneath the glass before you get to busting. You definitely don’t want little bits of glass running around, hurting tiny feets (like dog feets).
  2. For crying out loud, wear gloves and safety glasses. This should be self-explanatory, but sometimes isn’t.
  3. Take your time. Don’t get all hulk-y on the glass all at once. Just a slight tap will break the pane, and reduce the chances for you to spray glass all over everything.Broken Glass_HouseofGold

So, once I broke out all the glass, I had to be extra careful and make sure I got any remaining pieces out of the groove that once held the panel in place. (Needlenose pliers worked just fine for that.) Then I laid it on the ground and cut a piece of chicken wire to size with some heavy duty metal snips. (These snips have proved to be so worth it. I’d totally recommend them.)Snips_HouseofGold

And when I say “chicken wire”, I apparently mean “poultry fencing.” When the heck did chicken wire become P.C.?Poultry Netting_HouseofGold

Anyway. Get that all stapled in to place. I used a lot of staples, because #YOLO. Folding Edges_HouseofGold

Add some picture hanging doohinkeys to the back of the frame, throw it up on the wall, and viola! ART!

Also, yes, that is a brooch that says “TEXAS” in rhinestones.

Also, I won those vintage valentines from a contest that Beth at Unskinny Boppy hosted… BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME.Chicken Wire Frame_Complete_HouseofGoldChicken Wire Frame Close_HouseofGoldChicken Wire Frame Closeup_HouseofGoldLinking up with : The Dedicated House, House on the Way. Upcycled Treasures, DIY Showoff, Remodelaholic, Carrie This Home, Time to Sparkle, Creativity Unleased.


8 thoughts on “Artwork, Round Two.

  1. I love this idea, I too have used old window panes for pictures. But never thought of using chicken wire. I also know the feeling of doing a project and thinking “meh” not liking it. But it is always onto the next one…

  2. looove whhat you created with this frame – i would travel around the world with it too! =) love the way you use it as a ledge shelf and the wires! ( and your red pendant!)

  3. Round two is a big improvement over round one! I’m glad you got the inspiration to make something new when you weren’t happy with the original results. Thanks so much for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

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  5. so many times we make something, hate it, put it away, then one day the light bulb comes on and it’s on to the right project that was just waiting for the light bulb. Life does things like that to help us be ready for the good one. Happy Easter

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