Stick a fork in it already.


How to Remodel_HouseofGoldWith the backsplash complete, we can now call our kitchen complete. Sure, there will still be posts about it (reorganizing, painting cabinet interiors, etc.), but we could hypothetically sell our house now with a finished & fully-updated kitchen. Btw, WE’RE NOT SELLING. EVER. Maybe. So, without further ado, here’s the most complete linky-ness, with our budget breakdown.

kitchenFirst thing we did upon move-in (literally, started cleaning the cabinets the night we closed on the house) was unhinge all the cabinet doors and sand them down. The surfaces were completely disgusting, with a ton of caked-on grease and nastiness, and required many rounds with the sander. For us, this cost was minimal. Basically, just the cost of sandpaper and a lot of long hours and dusty-sneezes.

drawer_sandedThe morning after closing, we paid J’s contractor-friends to come and knock out an opening in our structural wall separating the kitchen and living room.

Wall Demo$1500 for that.

Oh! Before we get too wrapped up in the cabinets, we also purchased a Fridge upon move-in. This guy has been totally worth it. And it has this sweet water-dispenser thing that is preprogrammed to spout out however many ounces you want it to spout out. And in order to get the fridge to fit in its designated spot, I hacked out the cabinet that resided above the old fridge.

$1700 down the [water] tubes for that

FridgeAdditionally, we installed a copper water line to said fridge. $20.97 for that.

waterlinesuppliesConcurrent to that, I added trim to the cabinet doors. I have no clue how many pieces of lattice this step took, so I’m going to guess 10- 8′ sections. 10 sounds nice. To add the trim, we used wood glue reinforced with brad nails from our nail gun. Then I added wood filler to finish the edges, sanded, repeat.

Lattice_cutsAfter all the frames and doors were sanded down, everything got a solid coat of primer. Which cost us approximately one can of primer. Mixed in to that stage was some wood-filling and sanding, so you can add in the cost of [like 4 tubs of] wood filler.

primed_doorsRight around this time, I cut out the scallop-y piece of trim above the sink, made a new pendant light, and cleaned things up a bit. Pendant light: Approximately $30. (Also, I’ve painted and repainted that seam from the cabinets to the ceiling in the background of this photo about 26 times.)

Sink_lightWe then painted the walls our selected “main areas” color: Windfresh White, from Sherwin Williams.

Once the cabinets were all primed, I painted the door interiors with our “oops” trim paint. The exteriors started getting coats of our selected color: Behr, color matched to Sherwin Williams’ Retreat. $32 for that, I think.

Painting CompleteWe then purchased our hardware. Hinges, cup handles and knobs. All from Amazon.

$28.95 for knobs.
$20.49 for cup handles.
$17.62 for hinges.

The cabinets were done, right?! Nope. We then promptly broke out the sawzall and cut them up again.

dishwasherThis was when our electrician-friend came and took the fluorescent light nastiness down, installed LED can lights, a plug for the garbage disposal, and wired for the dishwasher.
$100 for labor
$90 for garbage disposal (BADGER 5… sounds feisty.)
$540 for dishwasher
$200 for LED lights

So once that was all put back together and finished up, J left to go watch some football. And returned home to this asbestos-mess.

Photo Oct 13, 1 40 16 PMThen we installed a new floor and ringo got stitches in his ear.

$750 for tile (from the Tile Shop)
$200 for tile supplies

Ringo$253 for ringo’s stitches (not to be included in final tally.)

What should have happened after that was the floor transitions. They took a little longer than expected. We finally got that done, but after we hid the pocket door.

Floor Transition_HouseofGold$30 for transitions (2 long sections of unstained Oak)
$20ish to hide the pocket door (1/4” plywood)

Speaking of pocket doors, we replaced the hardware on the door leading into the Cabin/ ManCave/ Den. (Took less than 5 minutes to install, so I didn’t post about that.)
$12.99 for pocket door hardware

When we heard that we were getting new countertops, we set in to high gear. We removed the wall oven & cooktop, built shelving for a microwave area, and built some crooks & nannies surrounding the stove.

Cubbies Complete_HouseofGold

$50 wood for new cubbies and shelves
$7.06 for a bottle opener.
$700 for the new Stove (mega-sale!)
$250 Electrical work (new outlets- one for countertop appliances, one for the new microwave cubby)
$500 Electrical work (New Stove cord with lots of electricity)

Then we bought a sink and a faucet. And then after a snow day, the new counters were installed.Counters After2_HouseofGold
$569.29 Kohler Bakersfield sink
$249.00 Delta Leland faucet
$2300 Cambria Quartz Counters
$50 plumbing parts under sink (new p-trap, copper pieces, etc.)

Then we had to light up the fancy counters with some undercabinet junk.

Undercabinet Lighting Complete_HouseofGold
$50 for two separate amazon strip-light packs. (I put a second one in the microwave cabinet.)

Then we set about to the backsplash.
$200 Tile (From Wayfair)
$80 tile supplies (Mastic, grout booster, new trowel, silicone caulk)Countertop Backsplash Final_HouseofGold
And that, my dear friends, is it. STICK A FORK IN THAT. FOREVER.

If my math is correct (it probably isn’t… I was an art major, okay?), it is riiiiight around $10k. Considering the national average for a kitchen remodel is around $30k, I’m pretty happy with what we ended up with. The appliances are awesome– wouldn’t trade them… totally worth the splurges. And the counters… TOTALLY worth the splurge. And the sink. And the faucet. And the backsplash. Everything seems worth the splurge (now), although it’s quite hard to swallow the idea of shelling out so much cash for a project while you’re in the middle of it.

Kitchen Overall_HouseofGold


16 thoughts on “Stick a fork in it already.

  1. Gorgeous! It looks so beautiful, you guys did such an amazing job on this remodel. Now I’m working up the motivation to finally add a back splash to our kitchen… 😉

  2. I was reading your blog about this kitchen redo. It is beautiful and I love the color. I must thank you for the answer to a mystery that had me confounded for 8 years in my old home. I was always getting shock tingles when using the sink. I now know, that it must have been the aluminum clad laminate counters tops. I wasn’t imagining it after all! No one could figure it out including an electrician and a plumber. I never got around to redoing the extensive counter tops. Just goes to show you, that you learn something new every day!

    • Debra- Thanks for stopping by. And I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAD THE TINGLES AS WELL! I seriously thought I was making it up. I mentioned it once or twice to my husband, who never believed me!! Now we know!

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