Why we DIY

Sometime last week, I took a shower. (Don’t be surprised. It happens occasionally.) When I was in the shower, the drain started backing up almost immediately, so by the time I finished, I was up to my cankles in conditioner-y-water. This was not good. No, no, no. I informed husband, who decided it was time to call in the Home Warranty people, who came out to the house on Friday. I met the two nice mens at the house, who quickly (before listening to the actual problem) decided that the problem was that we don’t have a main line cleanout for our pipes, and therefore the problem was not covered under the homeowner’s warranty. Reasons Why_HouseofGold I was informed that for them to install a cleanout, I could pay a nominal fee of $500. Or they could remove the toilet in the bathroom and try to snake the drain, which would cost a measly $250. Or they could dig in the yard for $85 an hour, to see if they could find a cleanout. Not wanting to really deal with it, and knowing what they would find, I opted to pay them $85 for about 20 minutes of digging. Mostly because I knew the location of where they needed to dig to find our main sewage line. (Thanks, buddies. It’s been swell.)No Cleanout_HouseofGold

Later that evening, J and I went to Home Depot, spent about $15 in supplies, and the next morning, J installed a cleanout in less than 1.5 hours. DID YOU READ THAT? A $500 job for plumbers to do, cost us $15 when J did it. That’s one reason why we do it ourselves.

Additionally, he removed the toilet and snaked the drain himself. Another $250 saved. Bad news: still not fixed, but now when the plumbers come back, they have no excuse to not fix the drain, amiright?Toilet_HouseofGold

And then on top of all that, he replaced his own rotors and brakes. That’s about $200ish saved. (Don’t ask me how he did this. He’s magical… and that’s why I married him.)Rotors_HouseofGold

So, yes. We all like lists here. Here you go. Reasons why we do it ourselves.

  • The cost savings. HUGE SAVINGS. We’ve saved thousands by doing most of these projects ourselves. (cough. Kitchen. cough.)
  • We get a certain sense of satisfaction over looking at something and recognizing that we did it. We tiled the floor that we walk on. We painted [almost] every wall surface in our house. We made our house a home.
  • I have an incessant need to create. I don’t know why God made me the way He did; I just know that He’s given me desires and skills that allow me to do this. And won’t allow me to sleep unless I “spend” some creative energies.
  • I used to work at Ferguson, and when I was in the warehouse, I had the pleasure of interacting with LOTS of plumbers on a daily basis. Now, this is not an across-the-board statement. But there were a lot of guys that came in there that have been high for YEARS. As a non-pot-smoker, I figured… If those guys can fix my drains, surely I could, too.

J Under Sink_HouseofGoldSo while we’re at it, why do I even write this blog?

  • Here it goes: I don’t make any money from blogging here. In order to monetize, you have to have a certain number of followers, or regular readers. Google thinks I don’t have enough in order to pay me. But you know what? YOU’RE WORTH MORE THAN GOLD, PERSON THAT’S READING THIS RIGHT NOW. (Thanks, Dad.)
  • Along with that, I have no sponsors. Nobody sends me free things to review. These are 100% unbiased, honest opinions. If something doesn’t work, I’ll let you know.
  • I write because people often tell me that “they could never…”. But here’s the deal. YOU CAN. I want to make improving your home approachable. I love to make spaces beautiful, and firmly believe that a home should be a place of solace and rest. And you have the power (and ability) to make it that way.
  • I write for my own record-keeping. It’s fun for me to look back and see what we did over the past year. It’s like a yearbook, but without all the awkward “HAGS” and “Don’t ever change” comments.
  • Because otherwise, you wouldn’t get to see awkward pictures of me. And that is reason enough to keep on coming back. Fur Coat_HouseofGold

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6 thoughts on “Why we DIY

  1. Great for you! DIY is great, when you can. However, in my county (Baltimore County, Maryland), all plumbing and electrical work (with exception of basic items) requires a permit that must be requested by, and the work performed by, a licensed professional in the field. Failure to do so could result in a $1,000 fine or more. In addition, not obtaining the permit/hiring a professional allows homeowner’s insurance to negate any potential claim based upon the lack of a permit.

    I hope that these items are different in the city/county in which you live. Trust me, if my husband could complete more himself, he would. He is certainly capable, but we err on the side of caution for the reasons stated above.

  2. There’s never been any “we” in our house reno projects. Just “me”.
    Now, having said that, my lovely wife has for the last couple decades made a comfortable income, which sure as heck helps.
    I typically won’t allow trades people into the house. They often wreck things, so I’d sooner do it myself. If it gets to be tricky, I have a nephew who is a licensed electrician, and he’s also a Firefighter, and a lot of those guys have various trades under their belts. I think if I had to get “professionals” in to remove a toilet or some such thing do to some stupid local “law”, I’d put the place up for sale and move.
    Good luck in all your endeavors.

  3. Jonathan had plently of learning opportunities in Jesup and Evans with our older homes with sewer lines. THAT”S MY BOY!!!!! Dad

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