Cleaning up Secondhand Finds

Except for our mattress, every single piece of furniture we own has been handed down to us, purchased on Craigslist, at an estate sale, a thrift store, or found. No lie. Which sounds a little sketchy at first. I mean, you never know where those things have been, right?How To Clean Secondhand Furniture_HouseofGold Well, this is your lucky day. We’re going to clean up other people’s junk.

For example, we bought this yellow chair for our guest room a while ago. We thought it looked comfy, was the right price, and seemed to fit the scale of what we needed for the room. (The fabric will be addressed at a later date.) After a while, J happened upon the exact same char. And then figured out that these bad boys were once in hotels. WEIRD. Even more weird than if we got it from a single person’s home.guest chairA lot of the furniture will undergo a final transformation. I just have to finish everything else in the meantime. RIGHT? So. While those projects sit idly by, we have to always figure out a way to make it okay to bring inside our house.

When I saw this little gem for a whopping $10 on craigslist, I wanted it. So. Bad. And I knew it would be perfect for a nursery. NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT. This is for the future heir. #preplanning. And it was $10. So.2014-03-17 17.00.29

We picked it up and put it in the back of J’s Subaru and were immediately assaulted by the baby-powder-stuff-that-people-put-on-something-to-mask-the-existing-odor. Catch that? It probably smelled okay before the powder junk, but ugh. It was terrible. We rode the whole way home with windows cracked. In 20 degrees.

We left him in the garage for a few days to off-gas. Perhaps also because we didn’t have time to address the “chair stink” until the weekend.

First, there were a couple of minor spots. I wasn’t (and still am not) sure what caused these spots, but no worries. I used some of my Folex (I gave this a shot at someone else’s recommendation, and I’d recommend it as well, now that I’m almost done with my first bottle.), doused the spots that needed special attention, and let it sit. After it permeated the fabric for a couple of minutes, I rubbed the spots with an old toothbrush. Because I’m not getting whatever that is on my fingers. No thank you. **update. I apparently did use my fingers. I’m so grossed out now.**Stain Cleaning_HouseofGoldBefore After Stain_HouseofGold

Once the spots were fairly well taken care of, I got out our carpet cleaner and shampooed the whole thing. (I used the attachment. Not the entire cleaner. That would be heavy.)Chair Carpet Shampoo_HouseofGold

I let it dry for a couple of days out in the garage, and ta-daaaa! Ready for use!Before After Shampoo_HouseofGold See those cleaning lines? YEAHHHHHH.

I love this little yellow chair. It reminds me of (Grandma) Almadean’s house.

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