Cabinets: COMPLETE!

Is everyone here familiar with Dave Ramsey? The financial guru man that encourages people to pay off debt and achieve “financial freedom”..? Well, one of his tactics to paying off debt is to attack one loan at a time (starting with the smallest one). Then when that one is paid off, you’re all jazzed up and you attack another one! And you pick them off one by one! And yay! Freedom! Well, if that made sense, I feel like that’s how the kitchen is progressing. One project at a time, and now we’re snowballing to the end! HEYOOOOO.

DIY CABINET Door_HouseofGold

Remember back to where we built out cubbies next to the stove? The spot to the left of the Range is for baking dishes. Ugly old baking dishes that get better with age. But aren’t necessarily pretty to look at. So we wanted to cover that up with a door. And because I like to do projects “inexpensively” (read: cheap), I reused this piece of wood that was once slapped over drawer-holes and left to fend for itself. (You see in the picture below where there are holes? Yep. Someone “fixed” that before we moved in, with a piece of plywood.)


I cut that piece down to size, but then realized it was too shallow to allow for a screw to fit. (Remember last week’s post about the ADD project-fest.) So I sent J to the store to pick up a tiny bit more lattice to finish this puppy off. The only problem with the lattice is that if I were to use it full-width, it would just made the door look silly. So I ripped it to 1” wide, scaling it to the door appropriately.Glue Trim_HouseofGold

Instead of gluing and nailing the trim to the door, as I had done previously, I simply used gorilla (wood) glue, set a couple of paint cans on it and let it set up.

Then I wood-puttied the edges (there was a slight gap between the edge of the lattice-trim and the edge of the door itself), and let that set up. I quickly sanded the whole thing down, and slapped a couple coats of paint on it.

Once that dried, I could hang the door! YAY. We had to buy a different kind of (offset) hinge than we used elsewhere- there is a little ridge in all the other doors that does not exist with this door. And yay, the screw wasn’t too long after adding the trim! I measured 2″ from the top (and bottom) to know where the hinge was supposed to go. See? 2″. Hanging Hinges_HouseofGold

At first, I added the knob in the same exact place all the other knobs were at. But it looked silly. Here’s where pre-planning would have been great. Instead, I drilled a second hole, installed the knob, and wood puttied the hole. Also, still need to touch up the interior of that door. Shhhhh. Knob Mistake_HouseofGold

But there! All the cabinet doors are officially on and installed and ready to go!

Cabinet Door Complete_HouseofGold

Also, yes. This is your sneak preview of the backsplash. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Cabinets: COMPLETE!

  1. Kelly! Can I tell you I have been DYING to see your updates and have been consumed by some silly looking for a new job craziness instead? I love this and how simple you make it look. My husband and I live in a very old apartment in NYC, and I really think our cabinets were installed at least 40 years ago if not more. They’re basically flat wood plywood (I think? My sister’s the design expert between the two of us) cabinets with no character at all, and I’ve been dying to add the lattice and trim and paint them a fun color to bring them into the 21st century. I want to show my husband your work and see if I can talk him into it! I love how your kitchen’s coming together!

  2. Kelly … it looks fantastic! I would have never guessed it wasn’t part of the original cabinetry. Great job. Love, love, LOVE Dave Ramsey. We’re debt-free thanks to his tools, and like you, we’re using the snow-ball approach to tackling some pretty large projects here as well.
    Slow and steady, and it all gets done … eventually 🙂
    New follower from The Dedicated House!
    Hugs & Blessings …
    Lani @

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