Take out the Papers and the Trash!

First off, if you’re new here, welcome! Friday started off like any old normal day… la-te-dah. And I just happened to stop in to the ol blog here and noticed my pageviews were astronomically high. Curious (and exciting, for sure), but then in my usual rounds, I stopped at Young House Love and saw this.   Young House Love FEATURE_HouseofGoldDID YOU SEE THAT? I almost started crying. #butforreal. I mean. I can’t even begin to explain this. Blogging is a hobby of mine. Crafting and DIY’ing are a bit more than a hobby of mine. My goal with this blog is to help people understand that they can do these projects, too. It doesn’t take a ton of extra time or tools… just the motivation and the confidence. So. It just makes me so happy to have you all stop in and see my little slice of the world. (Welcome, again! Let’s sit down have some snacks, mmkay?)

I feel like, in our house, J and I go through a series of phases. He convinces me of a project that needs to happen next, then I convince him of a project that needs to happen next. My convincing happens with pictures and sketchup models. (See kitchen cabinets post here.) His convincing happens with logic and spray paint. His convincing is much more simple.Screen Marking_HouseofGoldJ’s been in a funny mood lately. BUILD ALL THE THINGS! TAKE OUT THE STUMPS! BE A MAN! USE THE TOOLS! And mostly, I just sit and watch. Sometimes I help, but then realize my efforts are futile, compared with muscles. No, but for real. I tried to dig out the stump to surprise J when he got home from running some errands. 15 minutes later, I decided I needed to go inside for a snack instead.

Regardless, before I knew it, he had started digging. You see that azalea? It was not willing to go without a fight. J strapped it up to the truck, and it refused to move. Lots more digging and finagling, and finally, the azalea was free. Now, we’re not against azaleas. J is from Augusta, for crying out loud. (See: THE MASTERS) We’ve just got other plans for this area.

Then he cut 4- 4×4 posts, dug some deep holes (probably about 24″ deep), and cemented them in to the ground. Post Hole_HouseofGoldAs with anything we do at our house, though, our animals are never far away. See if you can spot a Ringo in this picture. Ringo Fence_HouseofGold

And then he tacked up some lattice to the outside. In the next phase, we’re hoping to trim  out the top edges (to make it a bit more finished), and find some climbing jasmine to plant where sad old azalea once once. We’re hoping for a clear (sunny & warm) weekend to knock that out. But in the meantime, this is a vast improvement over what was once there. Yard Screen Lattice_HouseofGold

And yes, our side yard is sad. It has no grass. And it’s not level. WE HAVE PLANS, people. Some of which involve more dirt and more grass. And possibly (one day), extending the driveway up to the fence. But we’re taking suggestions. Anyone? Got an idea? Cool. Shoot it our way.


3 thoughts on “Take out the Papers and the Trash!

  1. I saw a preview of this post on bloglovin’ the other day and was like, love it! But now that I see the full post from start to finish, I love it even more. First off, CONGRATS on being on YHL! Amazing! I would cry. And secondly, I think I would have been really stumped (pun not intended) with that side yard and would have hid the cans in the garage for ages before getting a vision to do something like what you’ve done. But I LOVE it and with climbing plants it’s going to look so good!

    Also, where does “Build all the things!” come from again? I totally found myself saying “Buy all the things!!” the other day, and I’m like how do I know this phrase? It’s a thing, right!?

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